Nickel Alloy (Inconel®, Incoloy®, Monel®) Circulation Heaters Datasheets

Circulation Heaters -- GCHI and GCHIB Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

FEATURES. Terminal Enclosure: E1 General Purpose is standard. E2 Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant, E3 Explosion Resistant or E4 Moisture Resistant available. Elements: 0.475" diameter INCOLOY sheath elements. Flange: 3 -10" ANSI B-16.5 flange with 1/2" thermowell for thermostat bulb and a 1/8"... [See More]

  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Nickel Alloy
  • AC Voltage Required: 240 to 480
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 750
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage; Three Phase AC Voltage
Mightybooster™ Circulation Heaters for Clean Water CHF Series
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Circulation Heaters consist of Screw Plug or Flanged Immersion Heaters, depending on kilowatt rating and size, mated to a pressure vessel. All welded joints on the vessel and heater are hydrostatic pressure tested. Mounting brackets provide easy and quick installation. [See More]

  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Copper; Nickel Alloy (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature)
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage; Three Phase AC Voltage (optional feature)
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 480
  • kWatts: 1.50 to 67.00
1-1/4" Pipe Type P1 -- P1-MI-0123A1
from Vulcan Electric Co.

Moisture resistant terminal housing [See More]

  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Nickel Alloy
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
  • AC Voltage Required: 120
  • kWatts: 1.00
Circulation and Process Heater -- ASME Immersion Heaters
from Watlow®

Watlow's circulation heaters are compact heating solutions for fluids such as purified and inert gases, supercritical fluids and liquids like de-ionized water for use in semiconductor and electronics industries as well as for general liquid and gas heating applications. Watlow's industrial process... [See More]

  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Nickel Alloy; Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 392