Pilot Light Touch Switches and Tactile Switches Datasheets

High Performance Key Switches -- K12 Series
from C&K Components

Features/Benefits. Excellent tactile feel. Wide choice of LED colors,travel and actuator forces. High reliability / long life. Sealed version available. Designed for low-level switching. Double stroke version available. Detector version available. Typical Applications. Automotive. Off-road... [See More]

  • Features: DustProof (optional feature); Pilot Light (optional feature); RoHS; Weather resistant or waterproof (optional feature)
  • Actuator Specifications: Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton
  • Switch Type: Keyswitch
  • Switch Function: Momentary Contact
Tactile Switches -- B3J Series
from Omron Electronic Components – Americas

This data sheet is for the B3J Tactile Switch, Tactile Switch with Integral Keycap, Hook-type hinge construction, available with up to 2 LED Indicators and Integral Keycap is available in a variety of colors. [See More]

  • Features: Pilot Light (optional feature); RoHS
  • Actuator Specifications: Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton (optional feature); Integral Keycap
  • Switch Type: Hinged Type
  • Switch Function: Momentary Contact
Tact Switch RTC035 Series -- RTC035-XC1D-A140B-B
from T-MEC

Lead free processing, can withstand 250VAC for 1 minute, blue LED [See More]

  • Features: Pilot Light; RoHS
  • Actuator Specifications: Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton
  • Switch Type: Tact Switch
  • Switch Function: Maintained Contact

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