22mm Non-Illuminated Twin Touch Marked Push Buttons -- 2ATF1-P2-IO
from Altech Corp.

Altech 22mm Push Buttons offer ideal cost-effective solutions for control circuits utilizing both direct and remote management applications. Ease of assembly has been engineered into the design; the only tool necessary for installation is a screwdriver. Features: 22 mm. UL Recognized. Includes... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Features: Has CE Certification; Has CSA Certification
  • Actuator Specifications: Flush Pushbutton
Bezel Long-handle Selector Switch -- PB 22B LRS
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

Carlo Gavazzi offers a complete range of push buttons, selector switches, and indicator lights. Our switches are available with flush, extended, and mushroom heads and in a wide variety of colours - both standard and illuminated. Our push buttons are available with either a plastic or metal ring and... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Switch Function: Maintained Contact
  • Actuator Specifications: Bezel
  • Configuration: Normally Open (NO) (optional feature); Normally Closed (NC) (optional feature)
High Precision Touch Switches -- MSTK

3, 6 and 10mm available strokes [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Configuration: Normally Open (NO)
  • Switch Function: Momentary Contact
  • Switching Mechanism: Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST)
Optical Touch Switches -- SW-101
from Panasonic

Ergonomic optical touch switch for two hand control applications. Introducing the SW-101, a zero force replacement for mechanical push buttons that are commonly used in two hand control safety applications. It features a comfortable, ergonomic design that allows for multiple mounting configurations... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
Touch Metal Piezo Switch Non Illuminated -- SBS1
from BaranTec

Touch Metal Piezo switch, Non Illuminated, IP69K sealed, solid housing, no moving parts, vandal proof, water and weather proof, IMF, RFI, EMP proof, requires no power supply, tested for 50,000,000 cycles . [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Switch Function: Maintained Contact; Alternate Contact (Push-Push); Momentary Contact; Timer Switch
  • Actuator Specifications: Recessed Pushbutton; Flush Pushbutton; Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton; Touch Metal Piezo Switch
  • Configuration: Normally Open (NO); Normally Closed (NC)
ActiveMetal 19mm Touch Sensor -- T01-011901-001-NH-A-2
from ITW Switches USA

SUPERIOR DURABILITY AND CORROSION PROTECTION IN A 19MM TOUCH SENSITIVE PACKAGE. With the ActiveTouch solid-state mechanism and single-piece 316 Stainless Steel housing, these switches offer the ultimate in operational life, vibration resistance, impact resistance, sealing and corrosion protection. [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Switch Function: Alternate Contact (Push-Push)
  • Actuator Specifications: Touch-Sensitive
  • Switching Mechanism: Solid State
from Monroe Engineering

Duraswitch PushGate is a unique patented pushbutton design that combines the advantages of discrete mechanical and flat panel membrane switches with a host of other benefits that make it ideal certain high durability applications. [See More]

  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Switching Mechanism: Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST)
  • Actuator Specifications: Flush Pushbutton