Frequency Converter Satellite Communications Equipment Datasheets

Agile Integrated Downconverter Assembly
from Airbus Group

The Agile Integrated Downconverter Assembly (AIDA) is one of a set of input-section equipments, developed to provide a totally generic and flexible solution to Ku and Ka band telecommunications payloads. The ‘generic ’ nature of the non-redundant, channelised equipment, enables... [See More]

  • Category: Frequency Converter
  • Frequency: 10.8 to 12.2
Satellite Stackers and Destacker -- D575
from Holland Electronics

Destackers are frequency down converters that take stacked DBS signals and separates them to 13/18 V switch format when needed. Contact us for help in selecting an appropriate model for your application [See More]

  • Category: Frequency Converter
  • Connectors / Interfaces: Type F
  • Mounting: Stand Alone
  • Frequency: 5.00E-6 to 0.0014