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RF & Microwave Miniature Power Dividers/ Power Combiners -- A40-MH004
from AKON, Inc.

Features: Low Insertion Loss. High Isolation between Output Ports. Excellent Amplitude and Phase Balance. Wide Band Frequency Coverage. Compact and Ruggedized Packaging. Package Options: Drop-In, SMA/2.9mm & SMP. Description: AKON ’s product line of RF & Microwave Power Dividers/Power... [See More]

  • Connectors: SMP
  • Divider / Combiner Type:
  • Category: Passive
  • 0º Power Divider Division:: 2-Way
Power Divider -- PD02-02001240
from MITEQ, Inc.

Power Divider [See More]

  • Connectors: BNC; MCX; Mini UHF; MMCX; SMA; SMB; SMP; TNC; Type F; Type N; UHF; 1.6 / 5.6; 7/16; 1.0/2.3; 1.85mm; 2.4mm; 2.92mm; 3.5mm; 7mm; Contact MITEQ for Connector Options
  • Divider / Combiner Type: 0º; 90º Hybrid; 180º Hybrid
  • Category: Passive; Active
  • 0º Power Divider Division:: 2-Way; 32-Way; 48-Way; 64-Way