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Converter -- D-328-6
from MITEQ, Inc.

Converter [See More]

  • Connectors: BNC; MCX; Mini UHF; MMCX; SMA; SMB; SMP; TNC; Type F; Type N; UHF; Contact MITEQ for Connector Options
  • Technology: Synthesized; Crystal Controlled
  • Applications: Military / Defense; Radar Systems; Salellite Communications; RF Microwave; Spaceborne
  • Form Factor: IC Chip; Board; Rack Mounted; Desktop / Pedestal; Substrate
Satellite Stackers and Destacker -- D575
from Holland Electronics

Separates stacked DBS signals to switch format [See More]

  • Connectors: Type F
  • Form Factor: Desktop / Pedestal
  • Applications: Salellite Communications
  • Input Frequency: 0.0050 to 2.02