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Converter -- D-328-6
from MITEQ, Inc.

Converter [See More]

  • Connectors: BNC; MCX; Mini UHF; MMCX; SMA; SMB; SMP; TNC; Type F; Type N; UHF; Contact MITEQ for Connector Options
  • Technology: Synthesized; Crystal Controlled
  • Applications: Military / Defense; Radar Systems; Salellite Communications; RF Microwave; Spaceborne
  • Form Factor: IC Chip; Board; Rack Mounted; Desktop / Pedestal; Substrate
Microwave Downconverter -- Model 1313B
from Phase Matrix, Inc.

The Phase Matrix Model 1313B microwave downconverter translates microwave signals to RF frequencies with minimal distortion. The 1313B is the latest generation of modular, VXIbus based, broadband, downconverters optimized for synthetic instrumentation app [See More]

  • Connectors: Type N
  • Technology: Synthesized
  • Applications: RF Microwave
  • Form Factor: Desktop / Pedestal