Coaxial / Waveguide RF Adapters Datasheets

Double Ridge WG to Coax 04.75-11.00GHz -- 475-251-C3
from Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.

Multiple flange types available [See More]

  • Adapter Type: Coaxial / Waveguide
  • Frequency Range: 4750.0 to 11000.0
  • Connector Type: SMA
  • VSWR: 1.25
from ARRA, Inc.

Adapters coaxial to waveguide [See More]

  • Adapter Type: Coaxial / Waveguide
  • Frequency Range: 7000.0 to 11000.0
  • Connector Type: Type N
  • VSWR: 1.25
MW Waveguide to Coaxial 3.5mm Adapter -- WGA-3686-3F-C75-79
from Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions

10-15 GHz female 3.5mm waveguide adapter choke flange [See More]

  • Adapter Type: Coaxial / Waveguide
  • Frequency Range: 10.0 to 15000.0
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm
26.5 to 50 Ghz, 2.4 Mm (F) Coaxial Waveguide Adapter -- Agilent R281A [R281A from Keysight Technologies,Inc.]
from Hensley Technologies, Inc.

The Agilent R281A adapter transforms waveguide transmission line into 50 Ohm coaxial line. Power can transmitted in either direction, and each adapter covers the full frequency range of its waveguide band with SWR less than 1.3. [See More]

  • Adapter Type: Coaxial / Waveguide
Test Port Cable/Adapter Kit -- 8944 Series
from Maury Microwave Corporation

The cables in these kits come in standard lengths of 25 inches and 38 inches with a rugged female test port connector on one end and a rugged male test port on the other. They are extremely flexible while still maintaining excellent phase and amplitude stability. The adapters in these kits have... [See More]

  • Adapter Type: Coaxial; Coaxial / Waveguide
  • Connector Type: Type N (optional feature); TNC (optional feature); 3.5mm (optional feature); 7mm (optional feature); 14mm, WR90, WR75, WR62, WR51, WR42
  • Adapter Style: Straight Jack-Jack (optional feature); Straight Jack-Plug (optional feature); Straight Jack-Flange
  • Frequency Range: 0.0 to 34000.0