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Coax Low Voltage Connectors -- 102 001
from Fischer Connectors, Inc.

Complete customer package: integrated connectors and cabling solutions. Innovative and high performance circular push-pull connectors for more than 50 years. 10,000 standard circular connectors or custom developments. Standard or custom cabling and cable design assistance. Assistance through advice,... [See More]

  • Cable Type: Conformable (optional feature); Flexible (optional feature); Semi-rigid (optional feature)
  • Gender: Male (optional feature); Female (optional feature)
  • Connector Type: Circular Multipole
  • Geometry: Straight (optional feature); RightAngle (optional feature)
BNC 50 Ohm Bulkhead Jack -- 358-10TP
from Gem Electronics

FEATURES. • Field installable. • Completely reusable (Twist-On type). • No solder or crimping tools required. • One-piece connector construction - no loose contacts or other parts to handle. • Utilizes captive, self-energizing center contact. • Gold plated center... [See More]

  • Cable Type: Conformable
  • Gender: Female
  • Connector Type: BNC
  • Geometry: Straight
1.6/5.6 Plug to 1.6/5.6 Plug Type -- LA-26X26-03
from LUXCONN Technology

Teflon material insulation, brass body with gold/nickel finish [See More]

  • Cable Type: Conformable
  • Gender: Male
  • Connector Type: 1.6 / 5.6
  • Geometry: Straight
2- Lug TRB Jack Bulkhead Isolated -- 10-08573-206
from MilesTek Corporation

Lug jack bulkhead isolated [See More]

  • Cable Type: Conformable
  • Gender: Female
  • Connector Type: BNC; TRB Connector
  • Geometry: Straight