Other Technology Type Air Flow Sensors Datasheets

Airflow Sensor, Signal Conditioning: Amplified; Flow/Pressure Range: ±1000 sccm (1.0 SLPM); Port Style: Straight -- AWM3303V
from Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions

Like the AWM2000 Series, the dual Wheatstone bridges control airflow measurement. The AWM3000 Series is amplified; therefore, it can be used to increase the gain and to introduce voltage offsets to the sensor output. The heater control circuit and the sensing bridge supply circuit are on board the... [See More]

  • Technology Type: Other Technology Type; Microstructure
  • Measurement Type: Air Volumetric Flow
  • Mounting: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Output Options: Outputs an analog voltage signal
Hand-held Measuring Device XA1000 “All-in-ONE” -- 5900.00
from LufftUSA

Description: The most precice and flexible all-rounder instrument for professional applications-easy to handle and robust. Allows various intelligent sensors to be connected with automatic recognition, saves measuring campaignes, allows all climate data to be calculated and archieved on a computer... [See More]

  • Technology Type: Other Technology Type; Piezoresistive
  • Mounting: Hand-held or Portable
  • Instrument Style: Insertion Probe Type
  • Measurement Type: Air Volumetric Flow; Air Pressure Differential
Airflow Grid

Outstanding simple yet highly accurate solution for clean air flow [See More]

  • Technology Type: Other Technology Type; Flow Grid
  • Mounting: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Instrument Style: Flow Hood or Balometer
  • Measurement Type: Air Volumetric Flow
Optical Anemometer -- LOA-104
from Optical Scientific, Inc.

Secondary emissions airflow measurement, designed for pot room environments [See More]

  • Technology Type: Other Technology Type; Optical Anemometer
  • Measurement Type: Air Velocity
  • Mounting: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Air Velocity Range: 19.69 to 7874
DP-Calc Micromanometer -- 8710-AN1
from TSI Incorporated

Up to 1000 values each of measured parameter [See More]

  • Technology Type: Other Technology Type; Auto-Zero
  • Features: Selectable Range
  • Mounting: Hand-held or Portable
  • Operating Temp: 40 to 140