Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24 with U-Shaped Channel
from Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

For slow, measured feeding to achieve a uniform, wide sample feeding of free-flowing materials. Areas of application. Slow, measured feeding of free-flowing material to obtain a uniform, wide sample feeding for a wide range of applications, such as for sample dividers, mills, mixers, scales. Method... [See More]

  • Common Features: Portable; Vibrator
  • Application / Operation: Filling; Sampling
  • Feeder Type: Vibratory Feeder
  • Flow Control: Volumetric
OptiLoad® -- Venturi Loader
from Opti Temp, Inc.

Efficient, mechanically simple, and quiet way to convey material [See More]

  • Common Features: Integral Hopper or Bin; Portable; Vibrator (optional feature)
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor
  • Feeder Type: Other
  • Material Type: Polymers