Technology:Other Current Sensors Datasheets

Current Transducer -- CTG-101

Features / Applications: Non-Contact DC Measurement. Split-Core Option. Input/Output isolation. Current Ranges 100A - 5000A DC. Low DC Power Requirements [See More]

  • Technology: Split Core
  • Current Type: DC Current
  • Loop Type: Open Loop
  • Mounting / Configuration: Clamp or Bolt On
Flux Gate Current Sensor -- F01P**S05
from Tamura Corporation of America

The magnetic flux created by the primary current (If) is balanced through a secondary coil using the magnetic probe device to provide a feedback and associated electronic circuitry to drive a compensating current in the secondary coil. The secondary (compensating) current is an exact (instantaneous)... [See More]

  • Technology: Flux Gate
  • Current Type: AC Current; DC Current
  • Loop Type: Closed Loop
  • Mounting / Configuration: Printed Circuit Board
Industry Sensor -- CT 0.1-P
from LEM USA, Inc.

Fluxgate technology, small currents, compact design, small & light [See More]

  • Technology: Fluxgate
  • Mounting / Configuration: Printed Circuit Board
  • Current Type: AC Current; DC Current
  • Current: ? to 0.2000
from RS Components, Ltd.

Input Current Range:0 to +/-150 A; Accuracy:+/-1 %; Supply Voltage:5 V; Sensor Type:ETA Technology; Frequency Bandwidth:DC to 100 kHz; Mounting Type:PCB; Overall Height:21mm; Overall Width:33.3mm; Overall Depth:14.93mm; Minimum Operating Temperature:-40C [See More]

  • Technology: ETA Technology
  • Current: -150 to 150
  • Mounting / Configuration: Printed Circuit Board
  • Voltage: 5