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Matching Pad -- 57Z
from JFW Industries, Inc.

JFW Model #. 57Z. Impedance. 50 Ohm Male. 75 Ohm Female. Frequency Start. DC. Frequency Stop. 1000 MHz. Attenuation Loss. 5.7 dB. +/- 0.5 dB. 50 Ohm End Connector. N, N M RT,. BNC, TNC or. SMA. 75 Ohm End Connector. N, BNC,. TNC, F or. BNC panel [See More]

  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Impedance Matching Pad
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 85
  • Operating Frequency: 0.0 to 1.00E9
  • Package Type: Connectorized
Balanced Signal Converter -- BF Series
from North Hills Signal Processing Corporation

This line of transformers provides a highly balanced transverse signal source in the 0.1 to 100MHz frequency range. Balance in this case refers to the equality of voltages of either leg with respect to ground. The BF series of transformers have a built in common mode signal injection circuit and... [See More]

  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Unbalanced -> Bal signal
  • Operating Frequency: 10000 to 1.00E8
  • Center Tap Options: None
  • Insertion Loss: 20
General Purpose Coupling Transformer -- PM-NW01
from Premier Magnetics, Inc.

!. Matched to Leading Transceiver ICs. ". Industry Leading SMD Package Designs. #. 1500 & 3000Vrms Isolation Voltage $. IEC60950 2.5 & 5.0mm Creepage Versions [See More]

  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Coupling Transformer
  • DCR: 3.9
  • Center Tap Options: None
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85