Solid Bare Conductor Wire and Cable Datasheets

Silicon Bronze Alloy Fuse Wire -- 1340
from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

Solid Silicon Bronze Alloy 655 wire, annealed for softness. Contains: Silicon(2.8% to 3.8%), Lead(.05%), Iron(.8%), Zinc(1.5%), Manganese(.5% to 1.3%), Nickel(.6%). The remainder is Copper. Electrical Resistivity in Ohms: 148CMA @ 68F. Electrical Conductivity: 7.0% IACS @ 68F. Tensile... [See More]

  • Conductor Type: Solid
  • North American: 21 to 26
  • Cable Conductor: Silicon Bronze Alloy
Telecommunications Cable
from General Cable

Telecommunications is the communication of information over distances and includes electronic transmission of impulses by telephone, computer and television. The beginning of telecommunications started with the invention of the telephone in 1874. Today, it has evolved from basic voice conversation... [See More]

  • Conductor Type: Solid
  • North American: 6
  • Cable Conductor: Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Conductor Weight: 86
Buss Wire -- SBC-10
from Hamilton Products, Inc.

Buss Wire [See More]

  • Conductor Type: Solid
  • North American: 10