Government / Military Towers, Masts, and Poles Datasheets

Flare Stack Towers
from Allied Tower Company

Custom engineered to EIA, ANSI & API standards [See More]

  • Application: Communications / Antenna Support; Off-Shore / Oil; Government / Military
  • Maximum Height: 500
  • Type: Flare Stack Tower
  • Maximum Windspeed @ Windload: Custom Designed
Antenna OE-254/GRC
from R.A. Miller Industries, Inc.

The OE-254/GRC Antenna Group is designed for broadband, omni-directional ground-based communications. It is intended for use with radio sets AN/VRC-12, AN/VRC-43 through AN/ VRC-49, AN/VRC-53, AN/VRC-64, AN/GRC-125 and AN/GRC-160 but will also function with the AN/PRC-25 and AN/PRC-77 radio sets. [See More]

  • Application: Government / Military
  • Maximum Windspeed @ Windload: Can withstand 90 mph winds without ice coating and 60 mph winds with 0.5” of radial ice coating the entire antenna and remain erect and operational
  • Type: Guyed Tower