Composite Structures Resins and Compounds Datasheets

LUMIFLON™ Fluoropolymer Resins -- FD-1000
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

LUMIFLON ® is the first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer resin for coatings that can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures. LUMIFLON resins, used in topcoats, are ultra-weatherable, and maintain their excellent appearance on buildings, bridges, and other structures, as well as on... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Laminating
  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
Single Component Polyurethane Elastomers For Rollers, Seals, And Gaskets -- MONOTHANE®
from Dow Polyurethanes

MONOTHANE ™ Single Component Polyurethane Elastomers are polyester-based polyurethane elastomers. No mixing or dispensing equipment is needed. No vacuum degassing equipment is needed. An efficient air circulating oven is required for melt down at 70 °C and curing at 135 °C. MONOTHANE... [See More]

  • Industry: Laminating; Repair or Construction; OEM or Industrial
  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic Polyester (PET, PBT, etc.)
  • Type: Elastomer
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Silicone Rubber Compound -- ELASTOSIL® C150 A/B
from Wacker Chemical Corp.

System for the production of reusable silicone vacuum bags. Special features. low viscous. excellent mechanical properties. fast and non-shrink cure at room temperature. easy to demold. Application. ELASTOSIL ® C 150 A/B has been especially developed for the professional production of reusable... [See More]

  • Industry: Laminating; OEM or Industrial
  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Type: Elastomer
  • Tensile (Break): 725