Powder / Solids Diverter Valves Datasheets

Rotary Valves: Feeding and Metering -- Gravity Diverter Valve, Y-style Series
from ACS Valves

Features & Benefits: 2-way, Y-style, gravity diverter valve provides automated control of bulk material flow direction; improves efficiency of material feeding and loading operations. Available in 4 heights, from 16 5/16"H to 24"H, and 4 square-flange sizes from 6" to 12". Available in 30-degree... [See More]

  • Media: PowderSolids
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Primary Material: Aluminum (optional feature); StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
SK Diverter Valve -- 1-Way
from FLSmidth

FLSmidth Type SK One-Way Cutoff Valves are designed to provide a positive cut-off and seal for pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying lines. The valves can be used at inlet and outlet locations on conveying pressure tanks. The cut-off valve can also be used on branched systems to permit selection... [See More]

  • Media: PowderSolids
  • Valve Size: 3.00 to 6.00
  • Primary Material: CastIron
  • Media Temperature: 850
DELTA DA3+ Mixproof Valves
from APV, An SPX Brand

Based on more than 25 years' experience in double-seat valve production, SPX now introduces the new APV DELTA DA3+ double-seat mixproof valve: a modern, ultra-hygienic double-seat valve, designed to meet the most extreme demands of the hygienic processing industries all over the world. The new valve... [See More]

  • Media: Water; PowderSolids
  • Maximum Pressure: 145.00
  • Valve Size: 1.50 to 4.00
Curved Blade Diverter Valve -- Model CBD-10
from DCL, Inc.

Should only be used when handling fine or granular materials [See More]

  • Media: PowderSolids
  • Number of Ports: 4
  • Primary Material: StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel
  • Valve Size: 10.00
Type 2-TDV -- 100
from DMN, Incorporated

bull; Available with 2 or 3 ports. • Smooth product contact surfaces. • Inflatable seals. • Pressure from -0,8 up to 3 bar g. • Multiple choice of line connections. • Minimised product degradation. • Converging and diverging applications. • Easy detachable... [See More]

  • Media: PowderSolids
  • Number of Ports: 3
  • Primary Material: StainlessSteel
  • Valve Size: 3.94
Diverter Valve
from Koger Air Corporation

16-gauge to 10-gauge carbon steel in sizes 8" to 24". ; Manual, pneumatic or electric operated. ; Flanged connections allow easy installation. ; Suitable for both air and material handling systems. ; Available in custom sizes and materials. ; Shop drawings available. ; Not a stock item. ; Options:... [See More]

  • Media: Air; PowderSolids
  • Number of Ports: 3
  • Primary Material: Aluminum (optional feature); StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
Disc Divert Valve
from Taylor Products / Smoot

The Series II Hopper Top Divert Valve is used to divert material from the convey line into a scale hopper or bin, while simultaneously allowing the conveying air to continue to be vented down the convey line.The unique transition design makes use of an 8-inch resilient seated butterfly valve for... [See More]

  • Media: PowderSolids