Round or Block Style Durometers Datasheets

Exacta® EX200 Series -- Model EX200-IR
from Newage Testing Instruments, Inc.

The Newage® EX200 Series digital durometer system is designed for hardness testing on rubber, plastic or other materials that utilize Shore or International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD) scales. The EX200 Series is comprised of a test head, bracket and test stand. Regular test heads meet ASTM D2240... [See More]

  • Durometer Style: Round/Block
  • Mounting: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Non-ASTM Types: IRHD
  • Scale Range: 0.0 to 100
Dial Durometer for O-ring Hardness Measurement -- OHK-1600
from Rex Gauge Company, Inc.

The Analog Complete O-Ring Hardness Kit is the most convenient and accurate way to perform repeatable hardness (durometer) testing on thin materials - as thin as .050". Features: Model 1600-M - Type M Durometer with Certification. Model OS-3 - Air Dampened Operating Stand. Model ORF-1 - O-Ring... [See More]

  • Durometer Style: Round/Block
  • ASTM D2240 Type: ASTM D-2240
Analogue Shore Hardness Testers -- Zwick 3110
from Zwick USA

These analog Shore hardness testing instruments comply with DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, ISO 868, NFT 51109. For on-site testing on the product, versions with and without pointer are available. The instruments with pointers make testing easier, particularly in difficult-to-access locations, as the... [See More]

  • Durometer Style: Round/Block
  • Mounting: Handheld or Portable
  • ASTM D2240 Type: Type O
  • Scale Range: 0.0 to 100