Type 3 Electronic and Instrument Enclosures Datasheets

from Phoenix Mecano Inc.

BOTEGO, Rose+Bopla ’s desktop enclosure system, sets new standards in enclosure technology. Thanks to its design, the enclosure consisting of two plastic half-shells can be inserted either horizontally or vertically. Extension sets permit optimal adaption to the relevant space requirements. In... [See More]

  • Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Foreign Objects: 3 (optional feature); 4
  • Material: ABS
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Moisture: 0
Backup & Power Storage -- Battery Cabinets

Total protection during downtime. • Designed to satisfy and respect safety protection standards (EN 50272-2 and EN 62040-1). • The right size of protection device tailored to your power rating. • Robust cabinet. • Normal and long-life batteries. • Compatible with different... [See More]

  • Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Foreign Objects: 2; 3 (optional feature)
  • Width: 23.62 to 31.89
  • Length: 55.12 to 78.35
  • Depth: 33.07 to 35.04