Single Mode Fiber Optic Modems Datasheets

Bidirectional Fiber Optic Modem -- MP-4235TRX
from Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

The MP-4235TRX is a compact fiber optic transceiver operating in the 1310/1550 WDM wavelength band. The MP-4235TRX is configurable with your choice of data protocol formats. The options include either RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 digital interfaces. The MP-4325TRX is specified as a pair of complimentary... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Single Mode
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Form Factor: External
  • Modem Speed: 115 Kbaud
Single Channel FOM Configuration -- EuroFOM-E3/1
from Moog Components Group

The single channel FOM is currently available in four standards based communications interfaces: The standard U.S. Army FOM MD-1272/G, Eurocom D/1 Interface B, E3 and DS3. These modems transmit up to 16 km without a repeater. The single channel FOM ’s are designed to mount on the Signal Entry... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Single Mode; Multimode
  • Mounting: Rack Mount Panel
  • Form Factor: External
  • Modem Speed: 10 Mbps; 100 Mbps
Ethernet Fiber Optic Bit-Driver® -- Model 2351
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

S.I.Tech 2351 Ethernet to fiber Bit-Driver ® is board level fiber optic communication product fully tested for compatibility with leading 16-Bit ISA bus computers including IBM AT's and compatibles, Providing complete compatibility to the widest variety of PC platforms though a proven buffered... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Single Mode; Multimode
  • Mounting: Computer Card; IBM PC 25&30, AT, EISA
  • Form Factor: Internal
  • Modem Speed: 10 Mbps; 0
TFOCA-II® Fiber Optic Modem
from Amphenol Fiber Systems International

TFOCA-II ® Fiber Optic Modem. Amphenol Fiber Systems international (AFSI) offers the TFOCA-II ® Fiber Optic Modem (FOM) to provide optical-electrical (O-E) and electrical-optical (E-O) conversion for harsh environments. This stand-alone unit features ruggedized optical transceivers... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Single Mode; Multimode
  • Mounting: Standalone
  • Form Factor: External
  • Modem Speed: 1.0 Gbps
Managed Modem -- 2340
from Canoga Perkins Corporation

With telephony and serial data plug-in Electrical Interface Modules, the 2340 Universal Fiber Optic Modem probably has your needs covered. Canoga Perkins designs flexibility into every product. The User Interfaces are no exception and supports a variety of applications and implementations.Supporting... [See More]

  • Fiber Type: Single Mode; Multimode
  • Mounting: Computer Card; Standalone; Wall Mount; Stackable
  • Form Factor: External
  • Modem Speed: 9.6 kbps; 14.4 kbps; 19.2 kbps; 28.8 kbps; 33.6 kbps; 56 kbps; 64 kbps; 115 kbps; 128 kbps; 256 kbps; 768 kbps; 1 Mbps; 0 - 2.048 Mbps