Other Test Mode Shock and Vibration Testing Shakers Datasheets

OVTT™ Omni-Axial Vibration Table Top System -- OVTT18
from QualMark Corporation

The OVTT ™, Omni-Axial Vibration Table Top system, is the first, stand-alone, compact, repetitive-shock vibration system on the market. The OVTT 18 system is ideal for No Fault Found (NFF) precipitation screens of field returns, repair verification and random vibration test of small products. [See More]

  • Test Modes: Repetitive-Shock Vibration
  • Peak Acceleration: 5 to 40
  • Applications: R&D or product design verification; Product qualification; Reliability testing
  • Armature / Table Sizes: Table - 18” x 18” (457 x 457mm)
Lab-Line Incubated Shaker -- 5322-02
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Combines incubated/refrigerated temperatures with orbital shaker in a small footprint. Ideal for incubating a small number of vessels. 11"-by-13" (279 mm x 330 mm) platform holds up to four one-liter flasks. Small footprint requires minimal bench space. Affordably priced. Five-year warranty on... [See More]

  • Test Modes: Orbital
  • Displacement: 0.7500
  • Applications: Product qualification; Cell Cultures, Bacterial Suspensions
  • Frequency Range: 0.6670 to 6.67
Large Force Range Electrodynamic Vibration System -- DSX-12000 (16" armature, 5 inverters)
from Thermotron Industries

Electrodynamic vibration provides a worthwhile testing environment for transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). With dynamic factors such as displacement, velocity, acceleration and force, electrodynamic vibration is able to accurately... [See More]

  • Test Modes: Random vibration mode testing; Shock mode testing; Sinusoidal mode vibration testing; Classical Shock, Resonant Search & Dwell
  • Peak Sine force: 12000
  • Applications: Mechanical impedance testing; R&D or product design verification; Product qualification; Reliability testing; Semiconductor component testing; Seismic vibration simulation; Structural fatigue testing; Transportation or automotive vibration and shock simulation; Mission Profile, ESS
  • Random Force - RMS: 12000
SD SB Series Pneumatic Shock and Bump Machine -- SD SB400
from Spectral Dynamics, Inc.

SD SB Series Pneumatic Shock and Bump Machine. The Shock and Bump (SD SB) Series Machines are used to simulate and evaluate the design and destructive testing of components, circuits, hybrids, and complete assemblies. There are 5 standard shock and bump machine test systems available or we can also... [See More]

  • Test Modes: Shock mode testing; Half Sine, Sawtooth, and Square Wave Pulse
  • Peak Acceleration: 2 to 800
  • Applications: Semiconductor component testing; Transportation or automotive vibration and shock simulation; Military, Industrial, and Individual Test Requirements
  • Displacement: 0.0 to 19.69

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