Compressor Construction:Other Refrigeration Compressors and Air Conditioning Compressors Datasheets

Bristol Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressors -- H22A543DBEA
from ISC Sales, Inc.

Discover the advantages of ISC's broad range of energy efficient and reliable reciprocating compressors for refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning, and commercial refrigeration applications. Reciprocating Compressors are one of the most widely used types of compressor. These units use pistons... [See More]

  • Construction: Reciprocating
  • Input Power: 3358
  • Capacity: 15.83
  • Power Source: 460/60/3
Triton® -- T500
from FS-Elliott, LLC

FS-Elliott is pleased to introduce the Triton ™ line of refrigerant centrifugal compressors. This innovative compressor was designed for extended service life with fewer components and subsystems, resulting in the highest degree of reliability. Advanced mechanical and aerodynamic features offer... [See More]

  • Construction: Centrifugal
  • Input Power: 300000
  • Capacity: 1758.00
  • Rating Refrigerant: R134a