Vibrating Conveyor Industrial Conveyors Datasheets

Linear Vibratory Conveyor -- SML 40
from ATS Automation

Widest variety of standard and customer discharge tracks, with a large selection of driver coils and controllers to select from, our engineers have a drive package that will provide the best performance with minimum maintenance for your application and environment. Two basic platforms the SML 40 and... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Vibrating
Bag Flattener
from Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Carrier ’s standard bag flattener systems quickly flatten bottom-heavy, irregular-shaped bags and convey to a palletizing area. With an easy-to-install design and proven performance, our bag flatteners provide efficient operations with little maintenance requirements. Our bag flattener systems... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Vibrating
  • Material Conveyed: Unit Handling
Convey-All™/ VTC Vibratory Tube Conveyor -- VTC-10-108
from Metalfab, Inc.

Metalfab Convey-All/VTC Vibratory Tube Conveyors provide a way to convey high rates of difficult flowing or friable dry solids materials. Conveyors are available in 4 to 10 ft. lengths and nominally convey up to 400 cu. ft./hr. Engineered with only two moving parts, vibrators and isolators, the... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Vibrating
  • Volume: 6.67
  • Material Conveyed: Bulk Materials
  • Features and Options: Sanitary (optional feature)
Vibrating Conveyor -- Series 12
from Vecoplan, LLC

he Series 12 vibrating conveyors are mainly supplied for the feeding of drum chippers and for the disposal of waste wood in a saw mill. They are also ideal for use as discharge conveyors downstream of push/pull rod dischargers. They can be extended on the design, up to a length of 24 m. Therefore... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Vibrating
  • Material Conveyed: Bulk Materials
Belt Table Conveyor -- BT
from Cleveland Vibrator Company (The)

The Cleveland Vibrator Company Model BT Vibratory Belt Table Conveyor cuts packaging and handling costs for a wide range of materials packed in corrugated containers and small drums. The Belt Table Conveyor is designed to simultaneously settle product within a container while conveying the container... [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Belt; Vibrating
  • Material Conveyed: Unit Handling
Economy Model SM -- SM-12
from Eriez

Reliably and efficiently moves light loads of bulk materials. Simple and compact, this conveyor is powered by a standard foot-mounted motor, driving an eccentric shaft which excites fiberglass springs attached to the tray. Capacity of up to 18 tons per hour (16 mtph). [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Vibrating
  • Mass Flow: 6
  • Material Conveyed: Bulk Materials
  • Features and Options: Sanitary
Vibrating Feeder Tubular Trough -- Model GA1000/160 U1Y
from Vibra Screw, Inc.

Tube feeder is up to 20ft in length, can be connected in series up to 100ft [See More]

  • Conveyor Type: Vibrating
  • Mass Flow: 7
  • Material Conveyed: Bulk Materials