VisiSight™ 20mm Miniature Rectangular Photoelectric Sensors -- 42JS-B2MNB1-F4
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Visible light source offered on all models for ease of alignment. Optional snap-on adaptor enables 18 mm mount and makes sensor replacement a snap. Patented ASIC design offers linear sensitivity adjustment, stability indication, and excellent noise immunity. Compact sealed housing and cavity free... [See More]

  • Output Load: DC Load; 3-Wire NPN
  • Optical Technology Type: Fixed Field Background Suppression
  • Operation Distance: 0.0720 to 0.7200
  • Mode: Light-on; Dark-on
Ultra-Slim Photoelectric Sensor -- BTF15-BDTD
from Autonics USA, Inc.

Features. Ultra-slim size by adopting one-chip photo IC. Great sensing characteristics with Background Suppression (BGS) function (BGS reflective type only). Size: W13 x H19 x L3.7 mm: Through-beam / W13 x H24 x L3.7 mm: Diffuse/BGS reflective type. Easy setup with visible red LED detection spot. [See More]

  • Output Load: DC Load; 3-Wire NPN
  • Operating Temperature: -13 to 131
  • Operation Distance: 39.37 to 591
  • Optical Technology Type: Fixed Field Background Suppression
Phoelectric Diffuse Reflective Compact, Rectangular Infrared Light/Dark Operate 10-30VDC -- 66248843357-1 [SM312D-43357 from Banner Engineering Corp.]
from Carlton-Bates Company

Block Style: Sensor Type - Phoelectric Diffuse Reflective; Sensing Range - 15 " 380mm; Voltage - 10-30VDC; Output Mode - Light/Dark Operate; Output Configuration - NPN/PNP; Connection - Cable; Connection Size - 2m 6.5 ft; Construction - Compact, Rectangular; Sensing Position - Side; Response... [See More]

  • Output Load: 3-Wire NPN; 3-Wire PNP
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 158
  • Operation Distance: 14.96
  • Optical Technology Type: Diffuse
KEYENCE Fiber Optic Sensors FS-N Series -- FS-N11CN

KEYENCE Fiber Optic Sensors: FS-N Series. KEYENCE'S FS-N Series contains a multitude of innovative features; including one-touch calibration, dual digital display, automatic maintenance, and MEGA power mode, making them an industry leader in fiber optic sensing. The FS-N series amplifiers pair with... [See More]

  • Output Load: DC Load; 3-Wire NPN
  • Optical Technology Type: Through Beam; Retroreflective; Polarized Retroreflective; Diffuse; Convergent; Adjustable Field Background Suppression
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 131
  • Fiber Optic: Glass; Plastic
Series 1040 / 1050 Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor
from Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.

At a glance: Smallest fully self-contained photoelectric proximity switch on the market. Long operating distances. Standardized sizes: Ø 4 mm smooth and M5 threaded. Glass window, therefore scratch resistant and easy to clean. Excellent resistance to environmental influences thanks to fully... [See More]

  • Output Load: DC Load; 3-Wire NPN (optional feature); 3-Wire PNP (optional feature)
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 131
  • Operation Distance: 1.97 to 9.84
  • Optical Technology Type: Through Beam (optional feature); Diffuse (optional feature)
Optical Fork Sensor -- OFS
from Telco Sensors Inc.

2 mm to 220 mm fork width. Aluminium housing. Plug connection. Infrared or visible red light source. Sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer. Switch selectable light or dark function. Output indicator. High tolerance to hostile environments. 10-35 V dc supply voltage. 3 wire, NPN or PNP output. [See More]

  • Output Load: DC Load; 3-Wire NPN; 3-Wire PNP
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 140
  • Operation Distance: 0.0787 to 8.66
  • Optical Technology Type: Through Beam