Type:Other Industrial Containers Datasheets

2-Sct Recycle,36 gal,Blu,Slvr Trim,Liner -- 5UJE8 [5UJE8 from Ex-Cell Kaiser]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Metro Collection(TM) Two Stream 28-gal Recycling Receptacle in Blue, Recycling Receptacle, Capacity 36-gal, Color blue, Material steel & plastic, Includes plastic liner, set of interchangeable lids with set of decals for: Trash, Cans/Bottles, Plastic & Paper [See More]

  • Container Type: Recycling Containers and Recycling Tops
  • Height: 30
  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: 28
Stainless Steel Cone Bottom Tank -- SSTDC0030
from Mixer Direct

This stainless tank is fabricated to order allowing for complete customization for your application. However don't expect to wait 12-14 weeks for your vessel. MixerDirect through a pre-engineeering process, can deliver your tank in less than half that time. Just submit your specifications, we can... [See More]

  • Container Type: Drum or Barrel; ISO / Intermodal (optional feature); Tote (optional feature)
  • Volume Capacity: 30 to 36
  • Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Composite (optional feature); Polyethylene (PE) (optional feature); Polypropylene (PP) (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless
  • Height: 21 to ?
Bin Holder Cart -- BHC3648
from Pro-Line - A Division of RW Hatfield

Manufacturing and laboratory layouts change quickly. Casework with shared components does not work in rapidly changing (growing) workplaces. "Free Standing" furniture can easily be rearranged as work flow changes. Modular accessories can be moved from one workstation to another. They can even be... [See More]

  • Container Type: Bin (optional feature); Cart
  • Height: 48
  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 36
Disposable Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Container with Absorbent Pad -- 12617
from Qosina Corp.

This container is for the disposal of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. [See More]

  • Container Type: Disposable Sharps Containers
  • Volume Capacity: 2
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP); Polypropylene
Flexel® 3D Tank Liner
from Sartorius Group

Multiple manufacturing sites: High security of supply. All connections extensively qualified: Safe and robust. Full compliance with ISO11137: Highest sterility assurance level. Standard design: Most designs available from stock. Various bag volumes: High flexibility. The Flexel ® 3D Tank liners... [See More]

  • Container Type: Tank Liner
  • Application: Biopharmaceuticals
  • Volume Capacity: 7.93 to 264
Cartridge -- TS110C-250
from Techcon Systems, Inc.

Disposable Cartridges and Accessories provide a clean, efficient and low-cost method for material packaging to meet all types of production requirements. Cartridges are moulded in a process control setting. Plungers designed with a wiper leading edge to clean each cartridge thoroughly. Caps and... [See More]

  • Container Type: Cartridge
  • Volume Capacity: 0.1000
  • Material: Plastic; Polyethylene (PE); HDPE
  • Length: 8.99
Bootie and Glove Dispensers -- 4950-98
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Large capacity holds several booties of any common size. Side slots allow easy bootie removal. Static-Dissipative PVC models control static charges, eliminate particle attraction [See More]

  • Container Type: Bin; Dispenser
  • Height: 6
  • Material: Acrylic (optional feature); PVC (optional feature); Stainless (optional feature); 0
  • Length: 6
2, 4, 6 and 8 Drum Work Station -- 2710
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Now you can whistle while you work! That's because there's no need to worry about incidental spills on your factory floor. Enpac's workstations are the easiest to load with low profile design and optional ramp. One-piece construction optimizes space for increased durability, safety and efficiency. [See More]

  • Container Type: Stand
  • Application: General
  • Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Bucket Boss -- 82105
from All-Spec Industries

Features. 5 pockets. Bar tacked seams. Dual hammer loops. Durable 100% cotton duck canvas. Draw string waist [See More]

  • Container Type: Apron
  • Features: Flexible
  • Material: Fabric
  • Application: General
42-50" Flat Screen Case -- AP3S-4250
from Ameripack Corporation

Exciting design protects and transports fragile monitors. A rigorous program of independent testing has documented superior levels of impact protection during the most severe laboratory controlled drops. Rotationally molded for maximum impact resistance. Rotationally Molded for Durability. Shock... [See More]

  • Container Type: Plasma Screen Case
  • Height: 38
  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: 57
from Baumann Paper Co., Inc.

Grocery Sack. 1/6 Barrel. 12 " x 7 " x 17 ". 57 lb. Kraft Paper. [See More]

  • Container Type: Sack
Drawer Cubby -- DC0612
from BOSTONtec

Finished with a light gray powder coated epoxy [See More]

  • Container Type: Desk Drawer
  • Height: 19
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 18
10 1/2" x 14"- Jiffy Rigi Bag Mailers -- B824
from Custom Made Boxes, Inc.

These mailers provide superior corner and edge protection. Kraft laminated fiberboard construction prevents movement of contents and resists bending, folding and creasing. No need for additional stiffeners. Mailer features a high strength, cohesive self-seal flap. Simply insert contents and fold... [See More]

  • Container Type: Bag; Mailer
10-Gallon Oily Waste Can with Foot Operated Cover - Red -- CAN9300-RED [CAN9300-RED from Justrite Mfg. Co., LLC]
from Dawg, Inc.

10-gallon oily waste cans isolate oily soaked rags and protect against fire risks. Specially designed lid isolates contents from fire sources and limits oxygen, virtually eliminating the risk of spontaneous combustion. Round design and elevated bottom help disperse heat and reduce moisture buildup... [See More]

  • Container Type: Cans; Waste Container
Case Family -- Type 15
from ELMA Electronic Inc.

Modular desktop or 19" cases, EMC-shielded with numerous accessories. Shapely to make a good visual impact. [See More]

  • Container Type: Equipment case
  • Features: ESD; StaticShield; Refrigerated / Reefer Container (optional feature)
  • Material: Aluminum; Steel (optional feature)
Akro-Mils Attached Lid Containers -- sc-08-757-608
from Fisher Scientific

Reusable shipping, distribution, order picking and storage containers. These heavy-duty bins stack and nest for optimal space use. Attached lids with all-plastic (HDPE) hinges "lock " close, and ensure years of smooth operation and security of all contents. Capacity: 2.28 cu. ft., 17... [See More]

  • Container Type: Container
Carry Case -- GH0319M
from Gemstar Manufacturing

Custom cases, impact resistant ABS, many colors and textures, lightweight [See More]

  • Container Type: Carry Case
  • Features: MoistureResistant
  • Material: ABS
10 1/2" x 15" Kraft - Utility Flat Mailers -- RMU1015K
from Great Plains Packaging Systems

Save money on shipping with these lightweight, economical mailers!. Environmentally-friendly mailers are made from 100% recycled paperboard and are 100% recyclable. Feature convenient side-loading design, pressure sensitive closure and tear strip for easy opening. Ideal for mailing soft goods,... [See More]

  • Container Type: Mailers
  • Application: Packaging
5-Gallon Plastic Pails -- 7473402
from Hassel Material Handling Co.

Open Head Pails. Easy-to-see 5-Gallon Plastic Pails help you color-code contents. Tough, high-density polyethylene construction is ideal for storing a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Include snap-on lid. Materials have been approved to meet FDA standards. Meets UN Reg. 1H2/Y1.5... [See More]

  • Container Type: Pails
  • Volume Capacity: 5
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: 14.12
1 Gal Root Pot, 6x7.5" -- RORP1
from Hydrofarm, Inc.

Made from 100% recycled material. For soil & soilless gardens. Allows water to evaporate more evenly. Auto-prunes roots & prevents root circling. Creates a dense & fibrous root structure. Allows evaporative cooling in hot climates & provides thermal insulation in cold climates. Root Pots are both... [See More]

  • Container Type: Pot
  • Material: Plastic
Clam Shells -- LL-CB-1
from Life Line Packaging, Inc.

Clam Shells [See More]

  • Container Type: Clam Shells
  • Application: Packaging
1210 RC
from Marathon Equipment Company

3/16" floor 1/4" optional, 12 gauge sides [See More]

  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 51
  • Volume Capacity: 2020
  • Length: 146
Multi-Purpose Tote Dumpers -- JMD-1000-48
from Optimal Handling Solutions

Collect, transport and dump materials while saving time and reducing work related injuries. Ideal for schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial applications. One person can easily and safely empty loads weighing up to 600 pounds. To use, roll the tote into dumper, secure tote in place and... [See More]

  • Container Type: Tote Dumpers
  • Length: 61
  • Height: 48
  • Width: 57
Biodisposer Portable Sharps Disposal Containers -- SMC3003Y
from Parco Scientific Company

These uniquely designed large units provide the safest method for discarding infectious waste. A two part assembly allows saving of storage space since bases and covers are stackable. Blood needle removal is easy, using the unwinder. Syringes with a volume of up to 60mL can easily be inserted. Made... [See More]

  • Container Type: Sharps Container
  • Volume Capacity: 0.7925
100 Gallon Agua Fria Rain Barrel -Plus -- AF-100PLUS
from Plastic-Mart

Agua Fria Series Rain Barrels. Our top of the line and most popular rain barrel, the Agua Fria is made of recyclable virgin resin with full UV protection, FDA approved for contact with potable water. It has a thick, heavy duty seamless wall designed to withstand freezing temperatures. Animal, child,... [See More]

  • Container Type: Rain Barrels
  • Height: 42
  • Volume Capacity: 100
  • Width: 26.75
10" Clear Leak Resistant Dome Lid 1.5" Tall -- 10-15-RDL
from PWP Industries

10" Clear Leak Resistant Dome Lid 1.5" Tall [See More]

  • Container Type: 10" Clear Leak Resistant Dome Lid 1.5" Tall
  • Length: 28.56
  • Height: 20.38
  • Width: 10.19

Designed to be an economical option for secured cylinder storage, the ESTS-9 stores nine high-pressure cylinders in a lockable container. Featuring an expanded metal door and steet metal sides, this is a stationary storage unit. Expanding on the ESTS-9, the ESTS-12 stores twelve cylinders. Each cage... [See More]

  • Container Type: Cylinder Storage Cage
  • Width: 34
  • Height: 72
  • Application: Storage
Model 008 -- 008
from Security Engineered Machinery Co., Inc.

A welded steel curved chute directs the input flow of material and prevents the removal of material, even if the unit is turned upside down. The curved chute allows thick quantities of paper to be deposited easily, but prevents hands and arms from reaching in. A hinged top opens for easy access when... [See More]

  • Container Type: Waste Container
  • Volume Capacity: 36
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 37.5
from SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.

The natural HDPE round handle jugs with white ribbed F217 lined caps are available in two sizes, 64 oz and 1 gallon. Be sure to test your products with these natural plastic bottles for proper compatibility. [See More]

  • Container Type: BottleJar; Jugs
  • Volume Capacity: 0.5000
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: 10.83
Tote Tank -- 350 Gallon IBC
from The Original TOTE Tank

Tote Tanks are designed and fabricated with longevity and efficiency in mind. One Tote Liquid IBC 350 holds the equivalent of up to seven 55-gallon drums. Imagine the ease of handling, shipping, storing, and the dispensing of bulk liquids with our reusable, high quality portable IBC ’s in your... [See More]

  • Container Type: Intermediate Bulk Container; Tote; Tank
  • Volume Capacity: 350
  • Material: Stainless
  • Height: 47.75
AIGNER Bin Buddy Self-Adhesive Label Holders -- 5144500
from Toyota Lift of Houston

Label Holders. Sticks to any plastic or metal container. Clear plastic AIGNER Bin Buddy Self-Adhesive Label Holders include laser/ink jet compatible paper labels with printing instructions. Sold in packages of 25. [See More]

  • Container Type: Labels for Bins and Containers
Food Pans -- 339
from United Restaurant Equipment Co.

Food Pans [See More]

  • Container Type: Buffet Clam Shell
  • Application: Buffet & Catering