40" x 40" Pallets Datasheets

PIG Heavy-Duty Poly Spill Containment Pallet -- PAK987
from New Pig Corporation

The strongest, most durable containment pallets you can buy. We guarantee it. Strong enough for long-term storage of liquids with high specific gravities. Innovative design transfers weight to load-bearing channels to maximize capacity. Molded-in sump catches leaks, drips and spills to help you... [See More]

  • Size: 40"x40"
  • Plastic: Molded using Injection Molding process.
  • Pallet Weight: 53
Steel Spill Containment Pallet
from Benko Products, Inc.

Heavy duty, non-combustible steel sump with removable grating [See More]

  • Size: 24"x48"; 20"x28"; 28"x40"; 30"x36"; 32"x38"; 32"x45"; 32"x48"; 36"x36"; 36"x42"; 36"x46"; 36"x48"; 37"x37"; 40"x40"; 40"x48"; 42"x42"; 42"x48"; 44"x48"; 44"x56"; 45"x45"; 45"x48"; 46"x48"; 48"x48"; 48"x60"; 48"x72"; Variety of Sizes up to 30' in Length
  • Fork Tine Entry: Two way fork tine entry.
  • Pallet Jack Entry: Two-way pallet jack entry.
  • Top Deck Configuration: A high percentage of the pallet top deck is made up of slots, holes, or grid work.
Export Pallets -- Recycled HDPE/HDPP
from Gorilla Pallets

Exempt from ISPM15 regulations, Nests 75 - 90 pieces to an 8ft stack, saving storage space, Cost is equal or lower than most heat treated/fumigated wood pallets [See More]

  • Size: 40"x40"; 40"x48"; 48"x48"; 44in x 44in
  • Pallet Jack Entry: Four-way pallet jack entry.
  • Pallet Weight: 2205 to 4409
  • Fork Tine Entry: Four way fork tine entry.
40 x 40 CITS
from Orbis

ORBIS nestable pallets move, store and distribute product loads within a single warehouse/distribution center or entire supply chain. From raw material to finished goods, reusable plastic pallets protect product until it reaches its final destination. When empty, these pallets nest for a... [See More]

  • Size: 40"x40"
  • Pallet Jack Entry: Four-way pallet jack entry.
  • Pallet Weight: 14
  • Fork Tine Entry: Four way fork tine entry.