General Supplies & Accessories:Other Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories Datasheets

Reference Indentation Reading Blocks
from Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.

These are for comparison purposes to determine degree of operator accuracy in manual microscope measurement. These are steel blocks containing 5 Reference Indentations made with a 10mm ball in the range 2.40-6mm and 5 Reference Indentions made with a 5mm ball in the range 1.30-3mm. These measuring... [See More]

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  • Standards: Hardness Standard
from Gould-Bass Company, Inc.

Centrifuge tube ASTM, 100ml, 0-1.0ml in .05 increments [See More]

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from Olympus Corporation of the Americas - Scientific Solutions Group

Act as a holder for the transducers to maintain consistent water flow from transducer to test surface, and prevent the accumulation of air bubbles on the transducer face. [See More]

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