Carousel -- CAR 40-2
from Econo Lift Limited

Options. •Spring loaded pin detent. •Larger/smaller dia. rings. • Platforms mounted on top [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 3.33
  • Load Capacity: 2000
Presto Disk Pallet Turntable
from Presto Lifts, Inc.

The Presto Ring Floor Mount Turntable is a two-piece device that consists of an inner ring studded with bearings and an outer ring which sits over it and rotates. Both devices are extremely portable. [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 3.61
  • Load Capacity: 4000
Turn Table -- TT36
from Pro-Line - A Division of RW Hatfield

Manufacturing and laboratory layouts change quickly. Casework with shared components does not work in rapidly changing (growing) workplaces. "Free Standing" furniture can easily be rearranged as work flow changes. Modular accessories can be moved from one workstation to another. They can even be... [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 3
  • Load Capacity: 500
Turntable Swivel Section
from RWM Casters Company

RWM incorporates our Kingpinless ™ swivel design into turntable swivel sections. This heavy duty turntable is patterned after the popular Kingpinless ™ series and is built to take continuous punishment from the toughest industrial applications. They are ideal for work stations, weld... [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 0.9167
  • Load Capacity: 900 to 30000
Flush Mount Turntable
from Southworth Products Corp.

The built-in turntable is essentially flush to the table platform in a clean, uncluttered design. The turntable bearings and support are under the platform and do not substantially increase the lowered height over that of comparable lifts without turntables. The turntable sits only 3/16" higher than... [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 3.58
  • Load Capacity: ? to 4000
Series 35 Industrial Turntable -- SR4-3636-025
from Autoquip Corporation

Series 35 Industrial Turntable – Durable Work Station Turntables for Work Positioning, Ergonomics, and Worker Productivity. S35 Manual Turntables enable workers to easily rotate heavy loads. The heavy-duty design of these manual industrial turntables is specially engineered to withstand the... [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 3
  • Load Capacity: ? to 2500
TablTurn™ -- TT-02
from ECOA Industrial Products

Mounted or free-standing, smooth steel rectangular tops [See More]

  • Power: Manual
  • Maximum Dimension: 6
  • Load Capacity: 0.0 to 2000