AWS Filler Alloys and Consumables Datasheets

Aluminum Filler Metal -- AL 716
from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

Aluminum brazing and soldering filler metals are used to join materials within the aluminum family of alloys. These materials are available in wire, strip, powder, paste (both corrosive and non-corrosive formulations) and preformed rings and shapes. Lucas-Milhaupt also offers aluminum flux-cored... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AMS; AWS; Aluminum Association (AA)
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.; Powder; Filler braze or solder alloy in a reconfigured sheet form that fits the contour of the joint surfaces.; Strip, sheet or foil; Solid wire or rod; Flux Cored Wire
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Aluminum Alloys
  • Melting Range: 1085
#718 Aluminum
from Bellman-Melcor LLC

The alloy of choice for brazing most grades of aluminum. Available in both wire and strip form. Widely used in the automotive and heat transfer industries. Most commonly used for induction and torch heating. [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AWS
  • Joining Process / Product Form: A multi-layered preform for brazing carbide or joining materials with compatibility issues.; Braze or solder in the form of a paste.; Powder; Filler braze or solder alloy in a reconfigured sheet form that fits the contour of the joint surfaces.; Flux coated stick or electrode for welding or brazing.; Strip, sheet or foil; Solid wire or rod; Hollow wire or metal cored filler
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Aluminum to Aluminum
  • Melting Range: 1070 to 1080
Arcaloy Stainless Electrodes -- E308
from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Features. Arcaloy 308L-16 electrodes were developed for the welding of Type 304L stainless steels but can be used for many other stainless steels including Types 301, 302 & 304. They are used extensively for the welding of chemical plant equipment and may be used successfully for the welding of... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: ASME; AWS; CWB; MILSPEC
  • Tensile Strength (UTS): 75419
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Flux coated stick or electrode for welding or brazing.
  • Yield Strength (YS): 66717
Blue Max® LNM 347Si
from Lincoln Electric Co. (The)

Top FeaturesDesigned for joining Ti or Nb (Cb) stabilized CrNi steelsExcellent resistance to intergranular corrosion and oxidizing environmentsQ2 Lot - Certificate showing actual deposit chemistry and calculated ferrite number (FN) available onlineTypical ApplicationsAISI 321, 321H, 347, 347H... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AWS; ISO / EN
  • Joining Process / Product Form: MIG Spool (GMAW)
  • Applications / Materials Joined: AISI 321, 321H, 347, 347H, CR-8C, UNS S32100, S32109, S34700, S34709, J92710
  • Diameter / Thickness: 0.0450
11 lb Mild Steel Welding Wire -- 8261760
from Princess Auto Limited

11 lb Mild Steel Welding Wire [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AWS; CWB
  • Diameter / Thickness: 0.0250
Consumable Insert -- "J"
from Robvon Backing Ring Company, Inc.

For use in the welding of critical piping systems where internal obstructions cannot be tolerated or in welding of pipe, tube and other joining areas where uniformity and smooth root bead is required. A ROBVON CONSUMABLE INSERT becomes an integral part of the initial root-weld bead. It insures... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: ASME; AWS; MILSPEC
  • Welding Filler Types: Carbon Steel (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature); Nickel Alloy (optional feature); Chrome Moly, Other Materials Available
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Rings or other shapes that backup or fill-in and provide spacing in a weld joint.
  • Weld Positions: All positions; Vertical Downhand; Flat; Horizontal; Overhead; Vertical Up or Down; Vertical Up
Bare Wire -- Alloy 60
from Universal Wire Works Inc.

Alloy 60 is used for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and Submerged Arc Welding (SMA) of Monel type alloys 400 and 404, as well as overlaying on steel. When GMAW or MIG welding overlays on steel a first pass of Alloy 61 is not necessary. Alloy 60 dissimilar metal... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: ASME; AWS
  • Joining Process / Product Form: TIG Rod (GTAW); MIG Spool (GMAW); Submerged Arc welding
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Alloy 400, 404, Steel
  • Diameter / Thickness: 0.0200 to 0.1560
from Wolverine Joining Technologies

SILVALOY 0 is extremely fluid at brazing temperatures and will penetrate joints with very little clearance. Best results are obtained with clearances of .001-.003". Melting of SILVALOY 0 is virtually complete at 1350F. Best results are obtained when brazing slightly above this temperature. The... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AWS
  • Melting Range: 1310
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Strip, sheet or foil (optional feature); Solid wire or rod (optional feature); Rings, Washers, Specialty Shapes
  • Braze Alloy: Copper Alloy Braze; Silver Alloy Braze
from Wolverine Tube, Inc.

BLACK FLUX is engineered for brazing at high temperatures and is fully effective at temperatures up to 1800° F. BLACK FLUX is recommended especially for joining refractory metals, stainless steel and wherever higher temperatures or extended heating cycles are encountered. [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AMS; AWS
  • Melting Range: 1100 to 1800
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.
  • Fluxes & Cleaners: Brazing Flux