Steel - Tool / High Alloy Filler Alloys and Consumables Datasheets

Welding Filler Metal/Electrodes -- All-State Air Hardening Electrode
from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Features. Designed for repairs to high chromium type tool steels. Deposits are wear resistant and porous free. May be annealed, reheat-treated, drawn or tempered [See More]

  • Welding Filler Types: Tool / High Alloy
  • Other Properties: Hardness as Welded 58-60 Rc
Lincoln® ER70S-2
from Lincoln Electric Co. (The)

Top FeaturesContains zirconium, titanium, and aluminum in addition to silicon and manganeseProduces x-ray quality welds over most surface conditionsRecommended for TIG welding on all grades of steelEmbossed on each end for easy identification after useTypical ApplicationsRepairs on a variety of mild... [See More]

  • Welding Filler Types: Carbon Steel; Steel - Low Alloy Carbon; Tool / High Alloy; All Grades Of Steel
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Solid wire or rod; TIG Rod (GTAW)
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Mild and Low Alloy Steel
  • Diameter / Thickness: 0.0625 to 0.1250