Titanium Alloy Filler Alloys and Consumables Datasheets

Aerospace Alloy -- AMS 4951
from Universal Wire Works Inc.

Universal commercially pure titanium is extremely versatile for applications requiring high temperature resistance together with resistance to many chemical reagents. Commercially pure (cp) titanium has many unique properties providing industry with answers to a host of equipment problems. CP... [See More]

  • Welding Filler Types: Titanium Alloy
  • Diameter / Thickness: 0.0300 to 0.1250
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Solid wire or rod
  • Tensile Strength (UTS): 50000
from Weld Wire Co., Inc.

This alloy is commonly referred to as “6-4 ” titanium and is probably the most widely used titanium alloy. This alloy is excellent for industrial fans, pressure vessels, aircraft components, and automotive parts. All automatic weld processes can be used. Titanium is a reactive metal that... [See More]

  • Welding Filler Types: Titanium Alloy