Industrial Gas Springs AGS-15 (Push Type) -- AGS-15-60
from ACE Controls Inc.

ACE industrial gas springs are maintenance-free and self-contained. They are available with body diameters from .31" (8 mm) up to 2.76" (70 mm), and forces from 2 lbs (10 N) up to 2,923 lbs (13,000 N) ex. stock. ACE gas springs offer a high service life with a wear-resistant coating on the piston... [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Compressed Length: 3.43
  • Stroke: 2.36
  • Extended Length: 5.79
Gas Springs -- Easylift® Systems
from Bansbach Easylift® of North America, Inc.

The easylift ® system is based on the “Lego-modular system ”. Advantage: There are an infinite number of off the shelf component combinations. This allows you to pick and choose from the most comprehensive product line available. You will have a “plug and play ” solution... [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Maximum Force (P1): 1.57 to 2698
  • Stroke: 0.3937 to 39.37
  • Absorption / Damping Action: Extension
EGS Gas Spring -- EGS-15-100
from Enertrols

Technical Data. Self-contained and maintenance free. Mounting position: Can be mounted in any position, but we recommend. mounting with rod downward so that damping is effective at end of extension. stroke. Force progression: approximately 27%. Temperature range: -22 to +176 ˚ F (-30 to +80... [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Extended Length: 8.94
  • Stroke: 3.94
  • Maximum Force (P1): 2 to 90
10mm Ball Socket 18.5mm M5 Connector -- 6UDT8 [96209 from Bansbach Easylift® of North America, Inc.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Ball Socket, 10mm, 18.5mm Length M5 Connector, 10mm Eyelet Diameter, Material Plastic, Application Gas Spring Connector, For Use with Gas Springs [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Mounting: Ball & Socket; Eyelet
Gas Springs -- GSS15050A

Gas springs, nitrogen gas [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Compressed Length: 5.16
  • Stroke: 1.97
  • Extended Length: 7.13
GAS SPRING 17IN LENGTH 6IN STROKE -- GGS23090K [GGS23090K from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.]
from, A Div. Radwell International

Are you looking for the best website to buy GUDEN GGS23-090-K? Then you have found exactly the industrial MRO outlet you need right here! is your go-to source for Industrial Automation, MRO, Pneumatic, Motion, Electronic, Hydraulic, HVAC and Electrical Control Equipment for plant floor... [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Stroke: 6
G Series -- G0819-100-100
from Associated Spring-Raymond

Now you can purchase your gas springs from the same reliable source that has supplied your stock mechanical springs -- SPEC ®. Our stock gas springs use the latest sealing technology for a longer service life. Our stock selection consists of various pressure, stroke and end fitting lengths. This... [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Extended Length: 15.25
  • Stroke: 6
  • Maximum Force (P1): 20
from Fibro, Inc.

Pressure of nitrogen gas is 150 Bar, mounting options available [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Compressed Length: 7.28
  • Stroke: 3.94
  • Extended Length: 11.22
Gas Spring 20 Series -- GGN20-***-K
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Gas springs provide a controlled opening force, making them ideal for lids that need help swinging up. On the menu above Guden offers gas springs in many sizes and forces, with chrome rods and black nitrate rods. [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Extended Length: 9.6
  • Stroke: 1 to 3.25
  • Maximum Force (P1): 20
Compression Gas Springs -- 10-10-22.72-T-T-(34-270 lbs)
from Industrial Gas Springs, Inc.

This range of compression gas springs covers a wide range of strokes and forces and will meet the requirements of most applications. Strokes range from 2.4" to 20" and forces from 9 to 1120 lbs. All are available with Release Valves . If uncertain of the force required, order the spring charged to... [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas; Hydraulic (optional feature)
  • Compressed Length: 15.08
  • Stroke: 10
  • Extended Length: 25.08
10x22 LIFT-O-Mat® Gas Springs -- 1438EZ
from Jilson Group (The)

• Assists lifting, lowering and counter balancing. • Compact, self-contained. • Safely and economically controls motion. • Immediately available from stock [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
10 x 22 Lift-O-Mat® Gas Spring -- Model 1438EZ
from Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

Safety and economically controls motion [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Compressed Length: 15.16
  • Stroke: 11.81
  • Extended Length: 26.97
Gas Springs
from MFP Automation Engineering

MFP supplies quality gas springs for a anumber of applications from ACE Controls. [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
Model DNB -- DNB0750
from Pascal Engineering Inc.

Inch stroke, SAE port model [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Compressed Length: 9.74
  • Stroke: 0.5000 to 6
  • Extended Length: 15.74
Gas Springs -- 1110
from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc.

A compact self-contained counterbalance. Available with plastic ends, metal blade ends or metal endsA compact self-contained counterbalance. Available with plastic ends, metal blade ends or metal ends [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas
  • Compressed Length: 6.5
  • Stroke: 3.15
  • Extended Length: 9.65
Gas Springs -- WM-G-10
from Weforma Dämpfungstechnik GmbH

High corrosion resistance. Housing: powder coated (WM-G 8: brass). Piston rod: ceramic coated (WM-G 8 - 40). Piston rod hard chrome-plated (WM-G 70). Minimal friction coefficient to achieve the lowest extension forces. Integrated grease chamber and sliding bearing. Lower breakaway force. [See More]

  • Dampening Method: Gas