Hydra Hybrid Fluid Cooling Tower with Adiabatic Pre-Cooling
from Advantage Engineering, Inc.

The Hydra Hybrid Fluid Cooler is designed to remove waste heat from plastics and industrial processes, including hydraulics, feed throats, molds and material. A great alternative to conventional cooling towers. Water & Energy conservation is achieved by using ambient air to cool process water... [See More]

  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Air Capacity: 25 to 500
  • Design: Closed Loop
LRC-H -- 100
from Amcot Cooling Tower Corporation

LRC towers use gravity flow to distribute water evenly over fill material. [See More]

  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Construction: Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer; Metal
  • Design: Cross Flow; Open Loop
  • Specifications: Single Phase (optional feature); Three Phase (optional feature); Custom
Dual Cell Cooling Tower -- BT-29624
from BERG Chilling Systems, Inc.

Dual cell, uv-inhibitor in gel-coat to protect the fiberglass [See More]

  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Motor Power: 7.5
  • Construction: Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer
  • Air Capacity: 242
ACT Series -- ACT0AG
from Cooling Technology, Inc.

All season performance, belt drive propeller fans, fan and belt guards [See More]

  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Construction: Metal
  • Design: Cross Flow
  • Specifications: Three Phase (optional feature); 460 Volt
from General Air Products Inc.

Available with a variety of fluid pumping stations, 105500 cfm fan [See More]

  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Construction: Metal
  • Design: Cross Flow; Closed Loop
  • Coil Material: Copper; Other Material; Aluminum
from United Refrigeration, Inc.

Induced-Draft Design. Save on fan power and avoid the water leaks typical in forced-draft pressurized towers. The fan will operate in a warm atmosphere even in winter, so youll never have to work on frozen mechanical equipment. Crossflow Design. Save on pump power because you only pay to move the... [See More]

  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Air Capacity: 8
  • Motor Power: 0.3333
  • Operating Weight: 756