Automatic Rotary Table Stretch Wrappers Datasheets

ARPAC PA -- PA-Series HP (TIE-GR®)
from ARPAC

The PA-Series pallet stretch wrapper operates in all environments and provides increased labor efficiency by allowing for the entire wrap sequence to be completed without the forklift operator getting off of the truck. The forklift operator sets the pallet onto the turntable platform and activates... [See More]

  • Type: Automatic Rotary Table
  • Width: 50
  • Maximum Load: 4000
  • Height: 70
Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper -- LW-400 Series
from Bratney Companies

The LW-400 Series Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper. is a fully automatic system designed to apply a. mechanically pre-stretched film with tension to a. pallet load. Its overhead rotary arm, which. eliminates the need to rotate the load, allows for. high speed wrapping of heavy or unstable loads with. [See More]

  • Type: Automatic Rotary Table
  • Width: 45
  • Maximum Load: 4400
  • Height: 104