Instrument Type:Other Ultrasonic Instruments Datasheets

Contactless Pig Detector -- SONOPIPE
from SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH

The contactless pig detector SONOPIPE 12 is designed to detect pigs in pipelines. The detector monitors the passage of pigs during cleaning and testing operations in pipelines used for the transport of e.g. crude oil, liquefied gas or water. The pig detector can be easily upgraded at any time. One... [See More]

  • Instrument Type: Pig Monitor
  • Form Factor: Portable / Handheld / Mobile; Monitoring System
ClampOn DSP PIG Detector -- Subsea Compact
from ClampOn, Inc.

Non-Intrusive, passive device [See More]

  • Instrument Type: PIG Detector
  • Applications: Particle/Pig Detect, Spectrum Analysis
  • Form Factor: Monitoring System
UF3-70B410 -- 6034888
from SICK

Detection of labels - whether transparent, opaque or printed. Unaffected by metallised colours. Accurate detection through stable response time. Small, industry-standard housing [See More]

  • Instrument Type: Detection of Labels
  • Form Factor: Portable / Handheld / Mobile