Coaxial Cable Connector Hermetic Feedthrus -- 25400
from Douglas Electrical Components

No more bent pins, mismatched connector sets, miswired harnesses, false readings due to contact resistance or special order delays: OptiSeal is delivered prewired, pretested and ready-to-install. Fiber optic feedthroughs and connectors are available from Douglas Electrical Components as a complete... [See More]

Vacuum/Pressure Feedthroughs -- PFT2NPT
from Newport Electronics, Inc.

10 –8 Torr/120 PSI Rating [See More]

  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Thermocouple
  • Mounting Diameter: 0.5000
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 120
  • Vacuum Rating: 1.00E-8
Thermocouple Feedthrough -- Conflat Flanged
from Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Thermocouple feedthroughs carry instrumentation signals while providing electrical isolation and hermatic sealing. They are leak free in high and ultra high vacuum environments and are composed of only inorganic materials. The insulators are made of high purity, high strength, low-loss alumina... [See More]

  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Thermocouple
  • Vacuum Rating: 9.91E-11
  • Temperature Range: -270 to 450
  • Connector Type: Type K