Clean Room / Laboratory Fluid Dispensing Equipment Datasheets

Barrel LUER LOCK 10CC -- EA10LL-B
from Ellsworth Adhesives

AirFree mechanical dispense luer lock barrel component ensures smooth and consistent dispensing of assembly fluids. 10CC Sold as bag (50/bag). [See More]

  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; CleanRoomLab; Lubricants; MedPharmaceutical
  • Dispensing Type: Bead
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Mounting: HandHeld
Automatic Hand Cleaner Dispenser -- AD2186 [AD-2186 from Static Solutions, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

The Static Solutions AD-2186 is an automatic lotion and hand cleaner dispenser with an infrared sensor. [See More]

  • Application: Cleaners; CleanRoomLab
  • Container Size: 500
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Bead
Canister Wing Assembly
from Generic Fluid Systems

These ingredient wings contain 3- or 6-gallon conical bottom canisters to hold ingredients. They are typically combined with our Pump Train systems which mount to the bottom frame of the wing. This method of ingredient supply is convenient when materials are stocked in one-gallon cans or five-gallon... [See More]

  • Application: CleanRoomLab; CoatingPaint; Colorants; FoodBeverage; HighViscosity; Lubricants; MedPharmaceutical; Water
  • Container Size: 11356 to 22712
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Mounting: MachineMounted
Filling and Dispensing Pump -- 323Dz/D
from Watson Marlow Pumps Group

Dispenses 100ml in 3 seconds. Accurate to within ± 1%. Menu driven calibration procedure. Dispensing by keypress or a remote footswitch/handswitch. Fitted with 313D three roller pumphead with flip-top design, ensuring easy cleaning and ultra-fast setup. Also accepts 314D four roller pumphead... [See More]

  • Application: CleanRoomLab; FoodBeverage; Biopharmaceutical, Cosmetics
  • Dispensing Type: Fill ("potting")
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Mounting: Benchtop