Synthetic Rubber (Neoprene) Industrial Heaters Datasheets

Heating Tape -- 103A DET0.2510
from Glas-Col, LLC

In both permanent and temporary applications, this tape heats odd lengths of glass tubes and metal pipes. Ribbon-type heating elements running lengthwise in the tape are encased in durable glass braid and are impregnated and covered with tough silicone rubber, which insulates stranded terminal leads... [See More]

  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: SynRubber; Glass Braid Covered in Silicon Rubber
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Electric
  • Heater Type: Flexible Heater; Specialty Industrial Heaters; Heating Tape
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 480
FE Heat Trace Cable HTP Series
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

The FE Style cable heating element is tension wrapped and covered with a fluorocarbon film and enclosed in a minimum 20 mil Teflon ® FEP abrasion resistant extruded jacket. This tough outer cover provides moisture and dielectric protection as well as resistance to abrasion. A layer of tinned... [See More]

  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: SynRubber
  • Fuel / Energy Source: Electric
  • Heater Type: Cable or Coil Heater; EnclosureHeater
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 400