Electric Drain Valves Datasheets

Drain Valves
from BI-TORQ® Valve Automation

Tank Bottom, Flush Bottom, Inline Valves Strahman drain valves are used on process vessels and reactors and are designed so that they cannot clog. They are ideal for use in liquid and gas service or with slurries, polymers, and high viscosity fluids, which may solidify at room temperature. Drain... [See More]

  • Actuation: Manual; Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature); Bevel Gear, Hydraulic
  • Valve Type: Drain
  • Media: Chemical; Water; Gas; Slurries, Polymers, High Viscosity Fluids
  • Primary Material: StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature)
2/2 Way Direct Acting Coaxial Valve -- FK 15
from co-ax valves inc.

Function: pressure balanced 2/2 way direct acting coaxial valves, normally closed and normally open versions. Media: gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, highly viscous, pasty, contaminated, aggressive, coolant. Body Materials: aluminum, brass, galvanized steel, nickel plated brass, nickel plated steel,... [See More]

  • Actuation: Electric
  • Media Temperature: -40 to 320
  • Valve Size: 0.59
  • Media: Air; Breathable; CompressedAir; Chemical; Hydraulic; Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; Gas; Gasoline or Diesel Fuel; HighPurity (optional feature); LP Gas; NaturalGas; SpecialtyCorrosive (optional feature); Steam (optional feature)
DRAINMASTER® Timed Automatic Drain Valve
from DynaQuip Controls

Moisture collection and sediment buildup are the two biggest threats to your compressed air system and tools. Harmful water and sediment produced in the normal operation of air systems causes rust and corrosion to the structure if not removed from the system. These contaminates need to be drained... [See More]

  • Actuation: Electric
  • Media Temperature: -15 to 300
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 1.00
  • Media: Water
Electronic Drain Valves -- DVT Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

SPECIFICATIONS. Mounting Position: Any (preferably with solenoid system upright). ON Time: Adjustable 1 to 15 sec. OFF Time: Adjustable 1 to 45 min. Power: 115 Vac, 60 Hz. Voltage Tolerance: ±10%. Min/Max Temperature: 1 to 54 °C (35 to 130 °F). Duty Cycle: Continuous (100%). Coil... [See More]

  • Actuation: Electric
  • Media Temperature: 34 to 129
  • Valve Size: 0.12 to 0.44
  • Valve Type: Drain
Pulsar® Drain Valve -- Pulsar® 2000
from FS-Elliott, LLC

Compressor Performance: 2000 scfm. Operating Pressure: 12-230 psi, .08-16 bar. Housing: Aluminum. Material Membrane: AU. Ambient Temperature: 33-140 F, 1-60 C. Weight: 4.4 lb, 2 kg. Condensate Inlet: 2 X NPT 1/2". Condensate Outlet: 1 X 1/2"; hose connector di = 13 mm. Electrical Connection: 24 Vdc. [See More]

  • Actuation: Electric
  • Media Temperature: 33 to 140
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Media: Air; CompressedAir
Automatic Drain Valve -- ADV
from Spirax-Sarco

The Spirax-Monnier ADV automatic drain valve has been designed to remove condensate from any low points in a compressed air system where automatic drainage should be provided. Condensate is a mixture of water, oil and dirt, with the thickness or viscosity increasing with low temperatures. Principal... [See More]

  • Actuation: Electric
  • Media Temperature: 266
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 0.50
  • Media: Air; CompressedAir