Right-Angle Screwdrivers (electric and pneumatic) Datasheets

Electric Handheld Cordless Screwdriver with Mechanical Shut-off Clutch, Pistrol Grip Design
from DEPRAG, Inc.

Maximum flexibility. Powerful. Economic and reliable. Operator friendly. The cordless screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch is the alternative option for assembly when no air supply is available or the use of cabled tools is inadvisable. Our range of handheld electric screwdrivers offers the... [See More]

  • Head Style: Right-Angle
  • Screwdriver Style: Hand-Held with Pistol Grip
  • Drive Style: Electric
  • Actuation: Button / Trigger
Automatic Screw Feeding & Screwdriving Pistol Grip Screwdrivers -- DTI 5000NRP
from Design Tool, Inc.

DTI 5000 automatic screw feeding and pistol grip screwdriver systems are available in several different configurations, including standard, rigid, and retracting barrel designs. These machines are custom designed for vertical and horizontal applications with the nose piece jaws fitting the customer... [See More]

  • Head Style: Right-Angle
  • Screwdriver Style: Hand-Held with Pistol Grip
  • Drive Style: Pneumatic; Electric; Torque Controlled
  • Actuation: Button / Trigger; Push-to-Start
Flex Power Right Angle Air Screwdriver -- XP35A
from Mountz, Inc.

Crafted for high production environments, the Flex Power Right Angle air screwdriver provides durability, power and speed for assembly and manufacturing applications at an affordable price. Designed for safe operation and increase comfort for operators, the Flex Power tools provide lower noise... [See More]

  • Head Style: Right-Angle
  • Screwdriver Style: Hand-Held Cylindrical
  • Drive Style: Pneumatic
  • Actuation: Lever
LTV009 R025-42 : Pneumatic, angle, shut-off screwdriver -- 1465303
from Atlas Copco USA

Atlas Copco LTV angle screwdriver models have a fast, accurate shut-off clutch and are designed for durability. Features & benefits. Slim design of the angle head allows good access in limited spaces and awkward positions. Spiral cut gears give high accuracy. Reversible. RE reporting conversion kit... [See More]

  • Head Style: Right-Angle
  • Torque Range: 0.4417 to 1.84
  • Drive Style: Pneumatic
  • Rated Free Speed: 1650
AC Handheld Screwdriver -- SK-3120L/B/A
from Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc.

The SK-3120L/B/A is a light, ergonomically designed lever unit best used with light to medium torque range applications. Since this is a fully automatic tool, the motor will shut off when the clutch disengages. This unit uses a 6.35mm (1/4") hex power drive bit (designated by the /B in the model... [See More]

  • Head Style: In-line; Right-Angle (optional feature)
  • Screwdriver Style: Hand-Held Cylindrical
  • Drive Style: Electric; Torque Controlled
  • Actuation: Lever (optional feature); Push-to-Start (optional feature)
Automatic Clutch Pneumatic Screw Drivers -- Pistol, Straight and Angle Designs Available
from Mannesman Demag

MANNESMANN DEMAG screw drivers are designed for all branches and applications in the assembly of series or single manufacturing. Ongoing product improvements led to the outstanding high quality standard of our current models. They are available in automatic shut-off or slip clutch versions in... [See More]

  • Head Style: In-line; Right-Angle
  • Screwdriver Style: Hand-Held Cylindrical; Hand-Held with Pistol Grip (optional feature)
  • Drive Style: Pneumatic
  • Torque Range: 0.2950 to 44.25