SIP Network Routers Datasheets

Analog VoIP Gateway Router -- Model 4520
from Patton Electronics Co.

Connect with confidence using the SmartNode 4520 VoIP Gateway Router. Integrating a complete enterprise router with a full-featured Voice-over-IP Media Gateway offers the new standard in toll-bypass, remote/branch office connectivity, and enhanced carrier services. Perfect for the Remote office,... [See More]

  • Protocols: H.323; SIP; 10/100 Ethernet; ISDN
  • PoE Ready: PoE Ready
  • Area Network Type: LAN Capable; WAN Capable
  • Technology: IP Telephony
Tenor® -- CMS
from Quintum Technologies, Inc.

Up to 32 T1/E1/PRI spans per chassis (up to 960 DS0s) [See More]

  • Protocols: H.323 (optional feature); SIP (optional feature); 10Base-T Ethernet; 10/100 Ethernet
  • Technology: IP Telephony
  • Area Network Type: LAN Capable; WAN Capable (optional feature)
  • Data Rate: 10000 to 100000