High Speed Bit Error Rate Tester -- HBT
from Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.

FEATURES. HBT is a Bit Error Rate Tester for testing synchronous modems and other DCEs. HBT operates at data rates from 32 kbps to 2.048 Mbps, including 1.544 Mbps, and supporting all n x 56 kbps and n x 64 kbps data rates. When testing a DCE, a loop is performed, sending the data back to HBT. HBT... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Bit-Error Rate Testers
  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Network Protocol: RS232
Acterna/TTC/JDSU/WG (Wandel Goltermann) Fireberd 1500A (Refurbished)
from ValueTronics International, Inc.

The Acterna TTC Fireberd 1500A is one of our used Data Error Analyzers. [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Bit-Error Rate Testers
Serial BERT -- N4903B [N4903B from Keysight Technologies]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

x [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Bit-Error Rate Testers
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Network Protocol: Gigabit Ethernet; Fibre Channel; Serial; USB, QPI, DisplayPort, PCI Express, SATA
  • Port Type: BNC (Coaxial) Connectors; SMA
Handheld E1 Bit Error Rate (BER) Tester -- A0040007
from GAO Tek, Inc.

This handheld E1 BER tester supports extensive error and alarm generation, detection, indication and histogram analysis of alarm and error events. [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Bit-Error Rate Testers
TrafficTesterPro -- AE5511
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

AE5511 TrafficTesterPro is an IP traffic generation tester used to evaluate network equipment such as LAN switches, routers, and GEPON devices. TrafficTesterPro has a flexible modular design. Customers can choose the units that best suit their specific needs and to adapt to new interfaces and... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Bit-Error Rate Testers; Network / LAN Analyzer
  • Number of Ports: 16
  • Network Protocol: 10 Base-T Ethernet; Fast Ethernet
  • Form Factor: Desktop