Desktop Network Test Equipment Datasheets

7335552 [R150001 from Ideal Industries, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

LanXPLORER PRO is the first hand-held network maintenance and troubleshooting tool capable of testing active LAN connections over both copper and fibre. Most tests can also be performed through a Wi-Fi connection liberating the user from having to make a physical connection to the network.Packed... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Port Type: RJ-45
  • Equipment Type: Network / LAN Analyzer
2.4 GHz Site Survey Spectrum Analyzer -- AW2400-SPEC
from AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc.

The AvaLAN AW2400-SPEC uses our 2.4 GHz radio receiver and spectrum analysis functionality to provide you with a sensitive site survey tool in a rugged weatherproof enclosure. Now you can take the mystery out of wireless technology through the use of a network addressable spectrum analyzer offered... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Network Protocol: TCP/IP
  • Equipment Type: Network / LAN Analyzer
  • Number of Ports: 1
Optical Modulation Index (OMI) Equipment -- FOS 1000A
from M2 Optics, Inc.

Easily measures & sets OMI. 85% reduction in time spent vs traditional processes. Saves $20k-$30k+ in equipment costs. Useful for laser transmitter setup and ongoing maintenance. Proven in use at top CATV operators [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Equipment Type: Optical Test System
  • Port Type: BNC (Coaxial) Connectors; FC, SC, APC
from Tektronix, Inc.

601 VIDEO; MODULE FOR ITU. Features & Benefits. Included with the series is key high-end functionality found previously only on the TDS6000C. Debug, validation, and compliance testing to provide engineers with an ideal test platform for their high-speed designs. Efficiently and confidently debug... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop
Telecom Unit -- 3261A
from Wayne Kerr Electronics

3261A Telecom Unit forms the core of a comprehensive component test system. It is configured in conjunction with the Wayne Kerr 3260B Precision Magnetics Analyzer to carry out a wide variety of telecom-related measurements. Telecoms Fixture model 1008 further enhances the test capability by... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Network Protocol: ISDN; ADSL, HDSL, POTS
  • Equipment Type: Network / LAN Analyzer
  • Number of Ports: 8
Optical Transport Analyzer -- NX4000
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

Built for 40G Next Generation SONET/SDH/OTN networks the NX4000 is designed to measure the transmission and reception of communication frames, alarm/error characteristics, and the transmission characteristics, such as the transmission delay time. The NX4000 supports multiple optical modulators and... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Network Protocol: SONET; SONET/SDH, OTN
  • Equipment Type: Optical Transport Analyzer
  • Port Type: RJ-45; USB; GP-IB, XGA