Cable Shielding:Other Cable Assemblies Datasheets

from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

DC Micro Cable [See More]

  • Cable Shielding: Zinc Die-Cast
  • Connector Type: DC Micro (M12)
Modular Plug Cords -- 28-04 - 28-08
from Daburn Electronics & Cable

Each Daburn modular cord is 28 AWG 7/36 soft copper, color coded with an overall PVC jacket and modular plugs at each end. Shielded constructions use an overall aluminum/polyester shield and drain wire. Where shielded, one of the conductor count will be drain wire (ground). [See More]

  • Application: Audio
  • Cable Length: 7 to 25
  • Cable Shielding: Aluminum Polyester
  • Standards / Certifications: RoHS
MRJ21 Network Cables -- 518293
from Electro Standards Laboratories

MRJ21 gray cable assemblies are high-density, high performance, 24-pair modular copper cables. Small in size, the MRJ21 connectors and cable reduce cable bulk in pathways and spaces. Factory terminated and testing provide assurance of pluggable performance on site. Common cable assembly lengths... [See More]

  • Application: Networking
  • Cable Shielding: Unshielded
  • Cable Type: Cat 5; Twisted Pair
  • Cable Length: 13.12
Coax Cable Male BNC’s & Strain Reliefs, 1 Foot -- BU-P2249-C-12
from Mueller Electric Company

RG58 Coax with Male BNC Connectors and Strain Reliefs at each end. 50 Ohms [See More]

  • Application: Test Cable
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Product Type: Patch
  • Cable Shielding: Foil Braid; Tinned Copper Braid
Shielded Female to Male Cable for SC Express -- 190668-01
from National Instruments

Shielded Cable for SC Express 300V Bank Isolation, 1 Meter [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control
  • Cable Shielding: Shielded
  • Product Type: SC Express
  • Cable Length: 3.28
FirePRO 10m Cable -- ACC-01-2017
from Point Grey Research, Inc.

The FirePRO 10 metre IEEE-1394b cable assembly is a high quality, reliable and cost effective solution for applications that require devices to be extended beyond the standard 4.5m cable length. Key benefits include: minimizes data loss and signal integrity problems; locking connectors guarantee... [See More]

  • Application: Camera / Imaging; Computer; Video
  • Cable Type: Twisted Pair
  • Product Type: FireWire (IEEE 1394)
  • Cable Shielding: AL-PET
3.5mm Mini Stereo Audio 4 Position TRRS Headset Extension Cable (M/F) 6-ft. -- P318-006-MF
from Tripp Lite

Key Features. Molded strain-relief prevents the cable from being bent at sharp angles at the TRRS connectors to minimize the stress at the plug termination point. Provides greater flexibility by enabling you to move more freely, while working at your computer with VOIP applications (Skype, chat... [See More]

  • Application: Audio; Extender Cable
  • Cable Length: 6
  • Cable Shielding: 90% Spiral Wrapped Connector
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm, 4-poisition
VGA Extension Cables -- ACSVGAX25
from ACC Cables

Hi-resolution Video Extension HD15 Male - Female. Hi-resolution monitor extension. A top quality extension for use with 17 inch and larger monitors. [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Extender Cable; Video
  • Cable Type: Multi-Signal/Composite
  • Product Type: Monitor; Parallel; RGB; VGA Cable
  • Cable Shielding: Double-Shielded
CA79860 -01-00
from AI-TEK Instruments, LLC

AI-Tek stocks a selection of connectors and cable assemblies for your convenience. For ease of selection, the connectors and assemblies are divided into groups. Group "A" is designed for 2-wire items, Group "B" for 3-wire. Complete cable assemblies include the connector and 10' of recommended wiring... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control; Industrial, Tachometer
  • Cable Type: Twisted Pair
  • Product Type: Hookup Assembly
  • Cable Shielding: Foil; Tinned Copper Shield
0.3ft ATLONA S-VIDEO to RCA Adapter -- ATS19022
from Atlona

High-density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI [See More]

  • Application: Video
  • Cable Shielding: Double Shielding
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Cable Length: 0.3000
M12 Cable Assembly
from BEI Sensors

This cable assembly is built using high quality custom BEI standard cable consisting of four, low capacitance twisted pairs (AWG 24) with an overall shield, provides excellent noise immunity. Extra large conductors (AWG 20) for power and signal ground, all within an abrasion-resistant PVC jacket... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control
  • Cable Shielding: Braid; Drain Wire; Aluminum/ Polyester Shield
  • Cable Type: Twisted Pair
  • Cable Length: 10 to 30
2 x 24 M
from Cardas Audio, Ltd.

A reference cable for microphones and patch cords. Intended for heavy duty professional use in balanced applications. Extremely quiet due to triple shielding. [See More]

  • Application: Audio
  • Cable Shielding: Triple
ZCC940 4 Pin Lemo FGG.0B.304.CLAD to Cable Assembly -- FSH01606
from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

ZCC940 , 10 ft Long , 4 Pin Lemo FGG.0B.304.CLAD to Cable Assembly , Standard , Material - Teflon , 29 AWG 4 Conductors , Spiral Shielded [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control
  • Cable Length: 10
  • Cable Shielding: Spiral Shield
  • Connector Type: Lemo
BAT Series -- BAT-ANT-N-LC-G-100m-IP65
from Hirschmann™, A BELDEN BRAND

Leaky Cable for 2.4GHz; black [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Product Type: Antenna Cable
  • Cable Length: 328
0955 284 201
from Lumberg Automation - A Belden Brand

Interbus Remote Bus PUR cable ; double ended; assembled male and female M23 connectors. [See More]

  • Application: Networking; Telecommunications
  • Cable Shielding: C-Screen Tinned
  • Product Type: Fieldbus; Interbus
  • Cable Length: 0.9843 to 82.02
Analog video -- NAAV1002-02
from Northwire, Inc.

cable rated 1.3 million bending flex cycles [See More]

  • Application: Camera / Imaging; Video; Machine Vision
  • Cable Type: CCTV / CATV
  • Product Type: CCXC Analog Video
  • Cable Shielding: 95% spiral shield
Acclimate™ Sealed Cable Systems IP68 Sealed Circulars -- SCPE Series
from Samtec Inc.

Gold Plating. Available with Shell Size 17. Meets IP68 requirements for dust and weaterproof sealing [See More]

  • Application: LAN / Ethernet; Networking
  • Cable Shielding: Phosphor Bronze
  • Cable Type: Cat 5
  • Cable Length: 6.56 to 16.4
RF Coaxial Cable -- TRU RG-218
from TRU Corporation

cintru ® low loss and superior shielded cable assemblies. Land mobile radio and wireless applications. Cost-effective 50 ohm coaxial solution. Operation to 6 GHz. Closed micro-cell foam dielectric for superior bend performance and protection against moisture migration into the dielectric. [See More]

  • Application: Power Cable
  • Cable Shielding: Low RF Shielding
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Connector Type: LC, SQS

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