Nitrate (NO3-) Ion Selective Electrodes Datasheets

IntelliCAL™ ISENO3181 Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
from Hach Company

IntelliCAL ™ ISENO3181 is a digital, combination nitrate ion selective electrode (ISE) with a non-refillable, double junction reference and built-in temperature sensor. The IntelliCAL ISENO3181 probe is available with a 1 or 3 meter cable and is intended for laboratory use. The ISENO3181 is... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
  • ISE Accuracy: 0.0500
  • ISE Concentration Range: 77.35 to 1.08E7
  • Configuration: Combination
Ion Selective Electrodes -- 01 Series
from Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI)

Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) are membrane electrodes that respond selectively to ions in the presence of other ions. These include probes that measure specificions and gasses in solution. The use of Ion Selective Electrodes offers several advantages over other methods of analysis. First, the cost... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Ammonia; Ammonium; Bromide; Cadmium; Calcium; Carbon Dioxide; Chloride; Chlorine; Cupric; Fluoride; Flouroborate; Iodide/Cyanide; Lead; Nitrate; Nitrite; Nitrogen Oxide; Potassium; Silver/Sulfide; Sodium; Surfactant; Thiocyanate
  • Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.6299
  • Configuration: Half-cell
  • Maximum Length: 4.72
Ion-selective Electrodes Nitrate -- 4AJ-9041732
from Carl Stuart Co.

Ion-selective Electrodes Nitrate [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
LogIT Ion-Selective Electrodes -- se-S83173
from Fisher Scientific

Ideal for environmental science and water testing applications. Used in conjunction with the LogIT Redox adapter (S20138ND) to measure the concentration of ion species of environmental concern. Also used in conjunction with any pH meter that has a BNC input and is able to display mV. Nitrate. [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
ISE Electrode -- DC262-NO3 Combination
from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

The DC series are easy to use combination ISE requiring very little maintenance, complementary to the DX series ISE half-cells. The DC series ISE are shipped with all the necessary accessories to get started, even including the appropriate ionic strength adjustment solution: Sensor with S7 head and... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
  • Configuration: Combination
  • pH Range: 2 to 11
  • Mounting Options: Hand Held or Portable
Nitrate Electrode -- WD-35802-30
from OAKTON Instruments

Nitrate electrode SJRE [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
  • Mounting Options: Hand Held or Portable
Swansensor Nitrate -- A-87.730.010
from SWAN Analytical USA, INC.

Nitrate-sensitive electrode system for measuring in potable water and effluents. Swansensors Nitrate (N03-N) and RefTemp. Nitrate sensor: Sensor with ion sensitive membrane in mechanically and chemically inert plastic case (IP 68) with excellent life time. Reference electrode RefTemp:... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
  • Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.4724
  • Mounting Options: Plug PG 13.5
  • Sample Type: Aqueous
Orion Nitrate Electrodes -- 9307BNWP
from Thermo Scientific - Water Analysis/Orion Products

The Orion 9307BNWP and Orion 9707BNWP ionplus ® Nitrate Electrodes measure nitrate in aqueous solutions simply, accurately, and economically. The Orion 9307BNWP and Orion 9707BNWP ionplus ® Nitrate Electrodes measure nitrate in aqueous solutions simply, accurately, and economically. The... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate
  • Configuration: Half-cell
  • ISE Concentration Range: 0.1000 to 14000
  • Mounting Options: Hand Held or Portable
Ion Selective Electrodes for Water/Wastewater Analysis ORION IONPLUS NITRATE ELECTRODE, WATERPROOF/BNC, 1M -- 1247128
from Wilkem Scientific

Electrode measurements are simpler and faster than other analytical techniques. Time-consuming sample preparation steps such as filtrations and distillations are rarely needed. Analysis time is typically under one minute. A direct readout meter displaying concentration in units of your choice is the... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Nitrate