Electrode Type:Other Ion Selective Electrodes Datasheets

Reference Electrodes -- F032 Series
from Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI)

ASI reference electrodes feature reliable, stable, drift free performance in a variety of sample types. The silver/silver chloride references offer high stability and should be used for most sample types. The calomel reference is ideal for use in Tris buffers or in the presence of organics,... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Silver/Sulfide; Ag/AgCl or Calomel
  • Maximum Length: 5.91
  • Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.4724
  • Sample Type: Aqueous
pION Sensor -- MVS10
from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

The ECD pION (Selective Ion) sensor is a simple, cost-effective design that combines high performance with low life cycle costs. The pION sensor is designed for a wide range of applications. ECD offers reliable sensors to detect Ammonia, Ammonium, Bromide, Cadmium, Calcium, Chloride, Copper,... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Ammonia; Ammonium; Bromide; Cadmium; Calcium; Chloride; Fluoride; Potassium; Silver/Sulfide; Sodium; Copper, Cyanide
  • Mounting Options: In-Line (Insertion)
  • Configuration: Combination
  • Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.7500
ISE Electrode -- DX207-Li
from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

Each ion-selective electrode (ISE) and each membrane module is tested wet-chemically. It has to pass the stringent requirements of several direct measurements as well as a typical titration application. Each ISE is issued with its own serial number and quality certificate. There is no better quality... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Lithium
  • Configuration: Half-cell
  • pH Range: 2 to 12
  • Mounting Options: Hand Held or Portable
ISE Electrodes
from OAKTON Instruments

Epoxy or glass body material, single or double junction type. [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Ammonia; Ammonium; Bromide; Cadmium; Calcium; Carbon Dioxide; Chloride; Fluoride; Flouroborate; Iodide/Cyanide; Nitrite; Nitrogen Oxide; Perchlorate; Potassium; Silver/Sulfide; Sodium; Surfactant; Copper
Depolox5® Flow Cell -- Chlorine Dioxide
from Siemens Water Technologies

The Wallace & Tiernan ® chlorine dioxide measurement module can be used with either the SFC electronic package for single point analysis and control or the versatile MFC electronic package for multiple measurements and control. It consists of a plug-in sensor card and a membrane-type sensor... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Chlorine Dioxide
  • pH Range: 5 to 8.5
  • ISE Concentration Range: 0.0500 to 20
  • Response Time: 20
Orion Redox/ORP Electrodes -- 967800
from Thermo Scientific - Water Analysis/Orion Products

The Orion 9678BNWP and 9778BNWP combine a platinum redox and a silver/silver chloride reference electrode in one body. Both can be used to make direct measurements of redox potentials or to perform potentiometric titrations. The Orion 9678BNWP and 9778BNWP combine a platinum redox and a... [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Redox/ORP
  • Mounting Options: Hand Held or Portable
  • Configuration: Combination
  • Sample Type: Aqueous; Dry
COMBINATION ELECTRODES - Ag-AgCl, Thermo Orion *REPLACED BY 9102BNWP* -- 1147363
from Wilkem Scientific

All have an Ag-AgCl internal element and a porous ceramic junction. Equipped with a 30 inch lead with standard jack and pin tip connectors unless otherwise indicated. Specifications. Description. Research Grade, 12 mm dia. body., Range 0 - 14 pH and 0 to 90 °C., Length is 140 mm. (910200). [See More]

  • Electrode Type: Silver Chloride
  • Configuration: Combination