10-Position Modular Phone Jack to Male DB-25 Cable, 2m -- 182846-02
from National Instruments

The National Instruments PCI-4474 is a four-channel dynamic signal acquisition board for making affordable, high-accuracy dynamic and transient measurements. It is designed for laboratory, research, and smaller system use. Input channels incorporate integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) signal... [See More]

  • Connector Type: DB25; RJ-11
  • Gender: Male-Male
  • Product Category: Cable Assembly
  • Cable Length: 6.56
Cables for use with the G3 HMIs -- G3 CBL Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Red Lion ’s G3 HMI Series is not only the first to communicate with up to five different types of serial devices simultaneously, but lets you access, monitor and control these devices remotely - from across your network, or around the globe. [See More]

  • Connector Type: DB9 (optional feature); DB25 (optional feature); RJ-11 (optional feature); RJ-45 (optional feature)
  • Serial Cable Type: RS232; RS422; RS485
Minicom PX USB Power-on-Cable (PoC) Cable Kit -- 5CB00615
from Tripp Lite

Overview. The Minicom PX USB (0SU70028) remote access unit is compatible with the Power-on-Cable (0SU60020), giving you the option of adding remote power control (power on / off / reboot). The 5CB00615 PoC cable kit, which is not included with the PX USB, is required when adding the Power-on-Cable. [See More]

  • Connector Type: RJ-11; USBA; USBB; VGA
  • Gender: Male-Male
Modem Cable
from Hirschmann™, A BELDEN BRAND

Cable for connecting an analog-/ ISDN-modem to an Eagle system. [See More]

  • Connector Type: RJ-11; RJ11 to Sub-D Connector
  • Serial Cable Type: Modem Cable; RS232
  • Product Category: Cable Assembly
  • Gender: Male-Male