Polarizing Biological Microscopes Datasheets

inVia Raman Microscope
from Renishaw

Since being launched, the Renishaw inVia Raman microscope has become the world's best selling research Raman system. The inVia Raman microscope combines simplicity of operation with the high performance and unparalleled flexibility for which Renishaw Raman systems are renowned. inVia Raman... [See More]

  • Microscope Type: Acoustic / Ultrasonic (optional feature); Microwave (optional feature); Compound (optional feature); Fluorescent (optional feature); Inverted (optional feature); Laser / Confocal; Polarizing (optional feature); Portable Field (optional feature); Scanning Electron Microscope (optional feature); Scanning Probe / Atomic Force (optional feature); Stereomicroscope (optional feature); Transmission Electron Microscope (optional feature); Raman
  • Optical Technique: Diffraction Grating
  • Grade: Student (optional feature); Benchtop (optional feature); Research
  • Eyepiece Style: Monocular (optional feature); Binocular; Dual Head (optional feature); Trinocular (optional feature)
Hirox Zoom Lens -- MX-10C
from Hirox-USA, Inc.

This co-axial vertical lighting zoom lens has the option of six interchangeable objective lenses. The objective lenses cover a magnification range of 35 to 7000x. A directional lighting adapter is provided for co-axial vertical lighting to achieve intricate optical observation. This lens... [See More]

  • Microscope Type: Polarizing (optional feature); Portable Field; Stands & Stage Units Available
  • Magnification: 35 to 7000
  • Grade: Research
  • Field of View: 0.0400 to 9.83
Upright Microscope -- BX51TRF
from Olympus America Inc.

UIS2 optics ensure excellent image clarity and superb resolution for a wide range of inspection demands BX system flexibility allows you to select and combine components to meet your needs Proven "Y shape" frame design ensures ergonomic comfort and ease of operation A range of digital cameras, image... [See More]

  • Microscope Type: Compound; Fluorescent; Polarizing
  • Optical Technique: Refl/Trans BF DF DIC FL Pol Phase
  • Grade: Benchtop; Research
  • Magnification: 12 to 3000
Polarizing Microscope -- CX31-P
from Olympus Corporation of the Americas - Scientific Solutions Group

The CX31-P is a high quality polarizing microscope with wide-ranging functions and outstanding durability. Excellent optical performance is matched with versatility to meet the demands of many applications, from double-refraction examination of the structure and characteristics of transparent... [See More]

  • Microscope Type: Polarizing
  • Optical Technique: Polarized Light, Simple Polarized Light, Brightfield
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Magnification: 4 to 100
BIO-POL 1 -- 12000
from Unitron Ltd.

45 ° incline head, ball bearing stage, rack and pinion substage [See More]

  • Microscope Type: Compound; Polarizing
  • Optical Technique: Polarizing
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Magnification: 4 to 40