RS530 Channel Service Units (CSU) and Data Service Units (DSU) Datasheets

Campus-RS™ -- CADS1
from ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

Network interface module, flexible, rate selectable design [See More]

  • DTE Interface: V.35; RS530; X.21; RS449
  • Network Type: E1 / Fractional E1; T1 / Fractional T1
  • Device Type: CSU/DSU
  • Form Factor: Module
MicroLink ™ 56/64-kbps CSU/DSU -- Model 2450
from Patton Electronics Co.

The Patton Model 2450 MiniLink ™ gives you what you'd never expect in a package this small and affordable -- a high quality DDS CSU/DSU! The Model 2450 supports 56 kbps DDS, 64 kbps Clear Channel, or private twisted pair communication. Operating synchronouslyover two twisted pair, the Model... [See More]

  • DTE Interface: V.35; RS442; RS530; RS-232
  • Network Type: DDS
  • Device Type: CSU/DSU
  • Form Factor: Module