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EEPLDs: Electrically-Erasable PLDs -- LVT16V8-6A
from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.

Metastable immune [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • Terms per Macrocell: 64
  • Device Type: CPLD
  • Package Type: Other; QCC-J
AT22LV10 -- 31569
from Atmel Corporation

Low-Voltage UV Erasable PLD, Standard Power [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • Macrocells: 10
  • Device Type: SPLD
  • System Gates: 350
Embedded - CPLDs (Complex Programmable Logic Devices) -- 122-1282-ND [XCR3128XL-10VQ100C from Xilinx, Inc.]
from Digi-Key Corporation

IC CPLD 128MC 9.1NS 100VQFP [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3V; 3.3V; 3.6V
  • Macrocells: 128
  • Device Type: CPLD
  • System Gates: 3000
Programmable Logic Device -- ATF1502ASV-15AU44 [ATF1502ASV-15AU44 from Atmel Corporation]
from Mouser Electronics, Inc.

EE PLD, 15 ns, PQFP44 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • Package Type: TQFP; Other; 10 X 10 MM, 0.8 MM PITCH, 1 MM THICKNESS, GREEN, PLASTIC, MS-026ACB, TQFP-44
  • Device Type: CPLD
  • Pins: 44
Field Programmable Gate Array -- A14V100A-BG313C [A14V100A-BG313C from Microsemi Corp.]
from Perfect Parts Corporation

FPGA, 1377 CLBS, 10000 GATES, 75 MHz, PBGA313 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • System Gates: 10000
  • Device Type: FPGA
  • Logic Cells / Logic Blocks: 1377
from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog

100-Mbps to 660-Mbps Serial LVDS Data Payload Bandwidth at 10-MHz. to 66-MHz System Clock. Pin-Compatible Superset of DS92LV1023/DS92LV1224. Chipset (Serializer/Deserializer) Power Consumption <450 mW (Typ) at 66 MHz. Synchronization Mode for Faster Lock. Lock Indicator. No External Components... [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • Package Type: SSOP; Other; QFN
  • Device Type: SERDES
  • Pins: 28 to 32
Arria -- EP1AGX20CF484C6
from Altera Corporation

Altera's Arria ® II FPGAs deliver substantial cost and power savings over competing devices, while providing high functionality for 6G transceiver-based applications. The 40-nm Arria II family includes the lowest cost FPGA with 6.375-Gbps transceivers and devices with up to 50 percent lower... [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 1.5V; 1.8V; 2.5V; 3.3V
  • Package Type: Other; FBGA
  • Device Type: FPGA
  • User I/Os: 255
Field Programmable Gate Array -- OR2C04A3S208I-DB
from Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

FPGA, 100 CLBS, 4800 GATES, PQFP208 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • System Gates: 4800
  • Device Type: FPGA
  • Logic Cells / Logic Blocks: 100
Field Programmable Gate Array -- 5962-0150801QXC
from Microsemi Corp.

FPGA, 32000 GATES, QFP256 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • System Gates: 32000
  • Device Type: FPGA
  • Package Type: QFP; Other; CERAMIC, QFP-256
Field Programmable Gate Array -- QL12X16BL-0PF100C
from QuickLogic Corp.

FPGA, 192 CLBS, 2000 GATES, PQFP100 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • System Gates: 2000
  • Device Type: FPGA
  • Logic Cells / Logic Blocks: 192
272678 [XCS05XL-4VQG100I from Xilinx, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Family Name:Spartan-XL; Device Logic Gates:5000; Device Logic Cells:238; Device Logic Units:100; Number of Registers:360; Device System Gates:5000; Supplier Package:VTQFP; Pin Count:100; Tolerant Configuration Interface Voltage:5V; Typical Operating Supply Voltage:3.3V [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • System Gates: 5000
  • Device Type: FPGA
  • Registers: 360